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Sweat Price?

Discussion in 'Price Check' started by Rasti, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Rasti

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  2. mastermesh

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    prices go up/down due to various factors. Mainly has been around the same price the last few years, but way back when before multiple planets exist and everyone 'walked both ways uphill to hunt and mine' unlike this new generation with their fancy cars several years back 5 ped per 1k was usual. Some old foggies still pay that from time to time.

    My advice: STOP RELYING ON BUYERS. Go find yourself some blueprints that use the stuff or make the ME yourself and then YOU become the buyer or can just use it to supply your own needs because at today's lowly prices, it's more pricey to pay electric bill irl to collect the stuff than it is collect it in game, etc.

    blueprints that use vibrant sweat:
    Acid Protective Coating Blueprint
    Advanced Cooling System Unit Blueprint
    Advanced Cooling System Unit Blueprint (L)
    Advanced Fluid Energy Source Blueprint
    Advanced Fluid Energy Source Blueprint (L)
    Advanced Heavy Springs Blueprint
    Advanced Heavy Springs Blueprint (L)
    Advanced Spur Gears 6K Blueprint
    Advanced Spur Gears 6k Blueprint (L)
    Anti-Glare Spray Blueprint
    Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint
    Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint (L)
    Barbecue Blueprint
    Blemish Remover Blueprint
    Bonding Liquid Blueprint
    Campbell's Basic Framework Blueprint
    Classic Decotown Long Wall Shelf (L) Blueprint
    Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf (L) Blueprint
    Creative Juice Blueprint
    ELVIS Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    ELVIS Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Ferguson's All Purpose Lube Blueprint (L)
    GARCIA Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    GARCIA Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Heat Protective Coating Blueprint
    HENDRIX Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    HENDRIX Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Imperium Common Shirt Blueprint
    Imperium Spec Lancer (L) Blueprint (L)
    JOPLIN Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    JOPLIN Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    JUELZ MIC-Killa Rifle SG-2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    JUELZ MIC-Killa SG-1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    JUELZ MIC-Killa SG-3 (L) Blueprint (L)
    LEMMY Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Lesser Elysia Blueprint
    Marcato-9 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Marcato-9 RFZ (L) Blueprint (L)
    Material Softener Blueprint
    Mechanomatrix Adapter Unit I Blueprint
    Modern Curtain Closed (C) Blueprint
    Modern Curtain Open (C) Blueprint
    MORRISON Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    MORRISON Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    MORRISON Dragon Plate mk3 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Nanobots- Adrenaline Boost Blueprint (L)
    Nanobots - Kill Strike Blueprint (L)
    NEVERDIE Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    NEVERDIE Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    New Order Hexigon Wall Shelf (L) Blueprint (L)
    Paradigm Shirt Series 2 Blueprint
    Paradigm Shirt Series 3 Blueprint
    Paradigm Shirt Series 6 Blueprint
    Paradigm Shirt Series 7 Blueprint
    Paradigm Shirt Series 8 Blueprint
    Paradigm Shirt Series 9 Blueprint
    Patterned Shirt Series 1 Blueprint
    Pergola Blueprint
    POP Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    POP Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Portable Repair unit (L) Blueprint (L)
    Portable TT unit (L) Blueprint (L)
    Protective Coating Blueprint
    Reflective Coating Blueprint
    ROCKtropia War Bond Blueprint (L)
    ROCTEC Combuster Blueprint
    RUDOLF Dragon Plate mk1 (L) Blueprint (L)
    RUDOLF Dragon Plate mk2 (L) Blueprint (L)
    RUDOLF Dragon Plate mk3 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Striped Curtain Closed (C) Blueprint
    Suspended Life Essence Blueprint
    Traditional Winston Short Table (L) Blueprint (L)
    Welding Wire Blueprint (L)
    Winston Short Bookshelf (L) Blueprint (L)
    Winston Short Corner Bookshelf (L) Blueprint (L)
    Winston Short Slim Bookshelf (L) Blueprint (L)
    Winston Short Wide Bookshelf (L) Blueprint (L)
    Zig-Zag Curtain Closed (C) Blueprint

    I'd suggest you start with obtaining Lesser Elysia Blueprint since that one only uses one other ingredient besides sweat. Eventually add to your bp collection with others bps so you can try your hand at slowly becoming a crafter instead of someone relying on sweat buyers as a form of income. Since Lyst is fairly plentiful in mining, try mining it yourself so go get Lesser Elysia bp, go mine, go sweat, craft the stuff, and then trying selling that. All of the experiences you gain in trying to do all of those steps has to be more fun that just standing around sweating all day.
  3. Rasti

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    Ty for info mastermesh :) good to get some others input :)
  4. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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    no problem. Also, wasn't going to mention this since this is the Ark forum, but will anyways... partly because I hope someday Ark learns from RT and implements something similar...

    you can make more collecting oil in the Thing's oil rig than you ever will sweating.... and you can live more eco there than on most other planets on the n00b level if you just hunt rocktropians and nothing else.... assuming you get the blueprint that uses just the rocktropian records that those things give out as loot typically. Rocktropians and trolls around the noobs noob noobs bar, and up at the daily mission/troll bar fight mission billie bar all have lower hp than 10. On other planets lowest hp mobs have 10 hp. Since there is a 'kill bonus' that makes that area awesome for skilling vs other planets, at least on the lowest levels of hunting -> crafting.

    The thing rig pays out about 60 pecs in oil every hour. Most hours there is one or two avatars there, but at some hours of the day, there is no one there... so it's easy pickings if you have oddball sleep patterns like I do sometimes. I think most you can pick up there if it's empty of other avatars is 20 or so at a time but it respawns over time, so if you have a few hours and don't get bored easily (which I'm assuming you don't if you are sweating a lot) it might be worth giving a try some time.

    The only reason I'm not currently still on RT is since the underground deeds aren't too popular on the auction there yet... :)

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