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Suggested Game Improvements,Suggestions&more ;]

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by - JJ -, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. - JJ -

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    HI ;]

    ok so ive played enuff games over the years, and due to knowing how some of these games work under the hood, i have a fair idea of what could be possible, and whats not depending on game engine, and while some things may not be possible at this time there are alot of things that could be done to make the game run more smoothly and more enjoyable for players in general.

    some are thinking yes JJ big woop, we already know most of this already plz get to the point lol how could u possibly make the game better for us and anything u say possibly make any difference ??? ;]

    well there are a few things / points i have in mind i would like to talk about in a moment, but 1st il answer the question ;]

    ok 1st of all most good companies with a brain and good businesses sense, want to make a good quality product that makes them money, and customer feedback is important, as it can help them make their product even better so they ofc not only have happy customers, but also continue to grow, and also ofc make even more money lol, so any good company as i said with good business sense, would listen to what their customers have to say, and take actions needed to improve their product keeping most of their customers happy .. i said most cos u cant please every1 lol

    this is why ive created this post, so not just me but u guys can have ur voices and votes of agreement heard and seen, and that the game creators and developers can read this and take appropriate actions.
    as i will ofc be sending them a support case with the link to this post so that they may follow and hear us out, i want to try n do my bit to try n help not only players but also the game creators and developers also ;]

    so lets start ..1st of all the game creators and developers want to gain, and more importantly retain new players in the hope that they will enjoy the game so much that they will show their appreciation and depo into the game for all those cool toys the game has to offer;] and chances are a new player wont want to part with their hard earned cash right away anyway until they understand the game more and feel it more a choice rather than forced upon them.

    some will think woah stop right there JJ, players are not forced to depo, infact i have been playing for many years either depositing very little or not at all at times .and even know some who have never depo lol.

    well yes u are right there, but it can be a very slow road, and what i was meaning to say is that there currently are not enuff freeplay activities atm, true at the start there is lots to do to give u a feel for the game and plenty of noob missions, but once they have completed those missions they fast realize that they cant, hunt or mine anymore and have to either depo to get more ped, or do what little activities that are left so they can try to sell their sweat, stones, fruits or dung,etc, and what with traders currently undercutting each others to try n resell sweat, i have seen prices be as low as 1.2 ped per k lol , so some will take their chances and go to the oil rigs to try n get free crude, some of which to keep to use for fuel, or maybe sell the rest, or just tt for the ped so they can once again hunt or mine etc

    and ofc eventually some of them will think u know what, this game sucks, its boring i cant do anything anymore, they just greedy and want my money and ofc quit ..never to be seen again lol..and most would think well good ..good riddance we dont want people like that here, if they are too poor to play the game, then tough, get a job and depo or find another game lol

    well u see its not just them thats getting bored and wanting to leave or leaving, its also older players that have been playing for a while that have told me they have done all there is to do, and its getting boring, the same old stuff every year and that the only reason they stay, is more out of habit, and dont really want to see all the hard work and time theve put into the game go to waste, but most of all cos of friends they have made over the years lol

    so there we have it 1 thing right there that needs to be changed is, we need more new regular content, new missions to do etc, so when we see a new update come, we think ooo i wonder what fun new stuff there is to do and discover ;]

    another thing to do to keep newer players is to make it so they can still do most things other players can do, but at a much slower rate, so they can still hunt and mine and craft etc, but some areas or activities they cant access unless they have membership subscription,

    now u guys going wait what..membership subscription?? how is this going to help? lol

    well ofc a new non real life currency would have to be introduced, perhaps called credits , new players could earn these credits in the game doing missions or daily tasks for npcs, which they could exchange for ammo or mining probes and other low level stuff so they can continue to play , or even save up some of these credits to either exchange for ped say 10k credits would be say 1 ped or whatever is deemed a fair exchange rate to buy some of the things they cant buy with credits, or to exchange the credits for membership unlocking restricted areas and activities . thats just 1 of many possible ideas lol

    ok so next is more of a problem which i think i have a solution for. cos im sure as most of u know, if u have ever been in a heavily populated area or events, then u know that this can cause very bad lag, and even make the game so unplayable that u will most likely dc or crash right out of the game lol
    so the problem we have here is that with the current system thats in place only so many people as i understand it can occupy any given area at any given time untill problems occur
    take the quarry at arkadia for example . how many players could it cope with, 10-20 -50-100? the more people that are there at the same time, the worse it would be for some players whose systems would not be able to cope lol

    so now my possible solution ...im not sure how to label or word it so il try to describe it best i can still using the quarry as an example...so maybe we could limit how many players who can be at the quarry at the same time, lets say 15 as an example then some sort of system would activate if there are more and when players try to tp to go to the quarry a prompt would come up showing them a list of quarry servers offering them an option to choose like
    Quarry 1 = 15/15 (busy/unavailable atm)
    Quarry 2 = 7/15 (somewhat busy)
    Quarry 3 = 3/15 (somewhat calm)
    well u get the idea if this was done in most of the areas of the game where overpopulation / crowded areas are causing problems, like at events for example, this would not only expand the game making it possible for more players to play at the same time but also reduce lag and improve performance, so if some players are experiencing some lag or other issues they can simply tell their friends and hop on to a less busy server / area and they move there ;]

    and lastly the pvp issue .. to some they dont even want it, or think the way that is currently set up is very unfair. so lets start with space .some as ive said dont want to pvp and might just simply want to explore other planets , so if that is the case, then perhaps space could have 1 or more modes players can choose from, mode 1 would be they can travel in space, and the only thing that can kill them is mobs, and also restrictions on how much loot they can carry be imposed or none allowed to be taken at all . mode 2 would be normal as it is now . another improvement could be to introduce a space scanner . so players can determine if a ship is carrying loot or not. another possible mode could be that players cannot kill other players unless they have accepted a duel request .

    now for pvp in general but mostly land based im sure its become pretty obvious that a new player or low skilled has little or 0chance to defeat a player that is fully geared up with expensive weapons and armour lol, so perhaps pvp could be made like an enhanced version of battle sim where players can choose what level of competition they would like to face and what caps needed to make it so players are somewhat fairly matched, based on their skills and gear

    ok thats just some of many ideas that i have and this post is getting quite long already lol
    i hope u guys understood most of what i was talking about and agree with me that some changes are needed to make this game better, and more fair for everyone, if u do have some other ideas feel free to add them here .. but plz dont argue or fight lol

    thanx for reading and Kind regards - from that crazy wacky avatar u all know n love or hate as

    JJ ;] lol

    ps i havent got the time to do the support case to the game creators right now as i have to go out but will do so soon sending them the link for this post ;]
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  2. - JJ -

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    well its done i have just sent a support case to the game creators and gave them the link for this post here is what i said ;]

    Hi i have made a forum post at the following link


    the aim of this post is to try and help better connect the players of the game to the game creators and developers, so that much needed game changes and improvements can be made, hopefully sometime in the future to not only help the game grow and be even better for every1, but also bring more stability, more functionality and fairness to all players, it is my hope that this makes things somewhat easier and more direct so that not only my ideas are shared but others who add their ideas to the post can also be heard and considered

    it would be nice tho if the game creators and developers talk to us now n then more, keep us up to date on any new things they working on, or even just
    drop by to say hi and give us their point of view or ideas, even just to see what players think etc

    Kind Regards

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  3. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz Member

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    Sorry JJ but after reading this.. twice.. I still have no idea what you were trying to suggest..
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  4. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

    Louise Ranavolana Brooks Active Member

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    Everybody else get it :)
    so you don't have to feel sorry (unless its for yourself)
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  5. the Prophet

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    i disagree. you have maybe played enough other games, but EU isn't like any of those.

    also EU isn't like any MMO, where it helps to release just new content to keep people subscribed. as you're even mentioning 'subscription' and 'EU' in the same sentence, i hope you understand that EU doesn't work that way.

    somehow you have to chose between MMO and RCE. both together at the same time is nothing but a nice utopian dream, as both are played completly different, and have different requirements to their players.

    who's gonna pay for all the content you've suggested? what's the business model behind it? can you guess how much this suggestions are worth to mindark without also answering these and a few more questions?

    the reason that some people start arguing and fighting about these topics is, because REAL CASH is involved, for some it's even a huge investment. people tend to take it serious, as it's a competitive game for cash including PVP, and not a rainbow unicorn MMO with PVP for giggles and gameplay.

    thanks for reading and kind regards too!
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