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Suggestion Suggest on Gold Rush Socialite and Cinephile

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cute781217, Sep 8, 2012.

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    14 days passed since the event started, it I remember correctly the number on both Facebook and Youtube increased around 200 people only. I feel it is kind of waste that giving laptops and what in return is 200 people increased only. So here is some of my suggestions that might make it better in the future events like this.

    First I feel it is not really a incentive for players to spread the words. There's only 1 laptop in each event, so in player POV more people click like on Facebook and subscribe on Youtube will decrease the rate that they can win the laptop. You know only 1 prize there, so less people do it the higher chance I can win. So what I think is put some incentive in to encourage people to share the links or telling friends to do it. Like add a rule if the subscriber or like on the website over certain number then Arkadia Studios would put some mouse or keyboard into prize pool. So now when players spread the words it does help to increase their own chance to win it because the prize would be more if enough people do it.

    Second I think should add another event and prize for people who spread the words/news/links in their local gaming website. I think this way can make the promotion reach even more gamers around the world, instead of only limit inside the players in Entropia Universe. Some people may think it is unfair to those who don't. But I don't see the problem because the people who spread the links/news in their local website does help to spread the name of Arkadia to attract potential players. They are helping to grow the playerbase and make the game more well-known so I think they deserve the chance to win some nice prize.

    Above is my suggestions, hope Arkadia studios can consider to put in in future events. :D

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