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Storage Boxes * Decoration Stuff & MA Gifts & Clothing

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Abdul Nomad Sabur, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Abdul Nomad Sabur

    Abdul Nomad Sabur Member

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    I'm looking to sell this items * Prices around market value.
    Send PM or post offers here.
    I'm on Calypso now

    Storage Boxes:

    4x Small Storage Boxe (C) (12.00 TT)

    3x Medium Storage Box (C) (18.00 TT)

    1x Resettlement Storage Container (1.00 TT) RESERVED!

    Decoration Stuff & MA Gifts & Clothing:

    1x Araneatrox Doll (1.00 TT)

    1x Christmas Reindeer (0.01 TT)

    1X Valentines Chocolate (0.01 TT)

    2X Calypso Snowman (0.01 TT)

    1X Heart-shapped Pilow (0.01 TT)

    1x Christmas Lantern (0.01 TT)

    1x Green Carpet (11.43 TT)

    1X Tombtebloss (0.01 TT)

    1X Tombtebloss Superior (0.01 TT)

    1X Tombtebloss Deluxe (0.01 TT)

    1x Infernal Trident (0.01 TT)

    1x Calypso Candy Cane (0.01 TT)

    1x Calypso Elf Shoes (M) (1.00 TT)

    1X Horns Small Bull (M) (0.98 TT)

    1x Gullard Shades (M) (0.32 TT)

    1X Colonist Standard Issue Cap (M) (0.88 TT)

    1x First Wave Colonist Beret (M) (0.76 TT)

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