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Space Trading

Discussion in 'Space' started by Few Scars, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Few Scars

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    I have had the opportunity to travel about space a bit now and have seen the lay of the land as it were. The motherships will be good for traders transporting large amount of materials, but very slow and open to attack.

    With regard to PvP, the blue safe zone around the stations is a good size, so you can do small jumps between stations and wait it out if PvP pirates are in waiting outside the blue zone.

    The issue will be pirates waiting along the quick routes between stations. I can see how easy it will be to pick off unsuspecting travellers. It will be almost essential for traders to have a security escort in a few weeks time.

    Of interest the VTOL is very dextrous in space, if a rocket is fired at you, you can flip out of the way and make it difficult for the foe.

    There are plans for more aggressive ships to come. For now, I think it is reasonably safe to transport goods to balance the economies. There are lots of people offering lifts up to the local planetary stations, and once there you can travel with your own VTOL in space. I do advise getting a weapon however.

    For now we need to stock up on Arkadia. The question is what do we need more of?
    List items that are needed and quantities. I think a transport fee is needed, the question is how much is fair? Also, insurance?

    Imagine transporting 10K of Melchi for a client and being attacked? Client loses their money and melchi and not happy. I think we all have to accept that if we pay a merchant to bring something from another planet, we accept the risk it may not arrive. Once money is paid, it is a final transaction whether or not the shipment is pirated. Obviously the merchants reputation will be a key factor in this liason.

    Anyway, I will start trailling security runs soon and then work out the safest trade routes.