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Space-decoy's available from Space-Station TradeTerminals?

Discussion in 'Space' started by Hyssch, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hyssch

    Hyssch Active Member

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    When reading of all those thoughts and fears of running into a Space Pirate, when taking Your chances and travel through Space... would You use some Space-decoy instead of that Distractor DD-20 that now can be bought from Space-Station TT?

    It could leave a false position marker on all other nearby ships screens when used?

    I know, there has been lots of decoy-pollution on Arkadian TP's for some players dropping them everywhere, but besides that.... would You buy or use these kind of Space-decoys, just to get few % more chance of getting away and through that vast space in safe with Your cargo?

    Space-decoy could be a crafted item too if there's demand for it. Might give enough time to get away with that VTOL when someone with better/faster ship is chasing some false marker/decoy out there :)

    -- Hyssch --

    Edit: But these space-decoys should maintain the speed and direction had when dropping them or fly some random direction when dropped. No point dropping a decoy to space that doesn't move. "Okay, two markers.... that doesn't move, but that does.. there You go".
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  2. Milesio

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  3. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Lol, just had a thought that someone drops a load of decoys and creates the Entropian Bleating Nebula.

    Actually sounds like a really good idea, kinda like dropping chaff or flares from a fighter to confuse incoming missiles.