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Songkra Valley Winter Conservation Hunt - 15,000 PED in Bounties!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Captain Jack, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Event runs January 1st 2019 (backdated) until midnight (ingame MA time) January 31st 2019.

    As the crisp air gently sways the trees, the rhythmic washing of the waves on the eastern shore are interrupted by the random thump, thump, thump, as clumps of snow fall from the branches of the slow dancing trees.

    Winter is in full swing and calm will only be short lived.

    The never ending feud between the Beladoths and Otorugis is momentarily paused as the creatures bunker down against the elements, preserving their precious energy reserves in the seasonal scarcity of food.

    But will those food reserves last the Winter?

    "The FEN event with such a strong bias towards Calypso led to a significant number of regular hunters leaving Arkadia. These hunters have historically played a vital role in the population control of the Beladoth and Otorugi troops." says Dr. Irven, a biologist with the Arkadian Wildlife Conservation Society. "We have already seen the effects of the overpopulation in the last month, food sources on Songkra Valley are the lowest levels we have seen in years. With the early released and longest lasting Merry Mayhem further drawing hunters off of Arkadia, we fear the starvation may lead to a significant reduction in infant survival rates for both the Beladoth and the Otorugi, which may lead to dangerously low population density and reduced tag availability in the Spring hunting season." he concluded.

    The Arkadian Wildlife Conservation Society has waived the hunting tag requirement and an open season has been announced until further notice. A bounty system has also been put in place for those hunters who are fortunate enough to take down a trophy animal.

    Mutated Beladoth
    Alpha: 2870 HP, 118 max damage
    Old Alpha: 3200 HP, 130 max damage
    Prowler: 3550 HP, 144 max damage
    Stalker: 4000 HP, 160 max damage

    40% cut
    40% stab
    20% impact

    Mutated Otorugi
    Alpha: 2570 HP, 106 max damage
    Old Alpha: 2870 HP, 116 max damage
    Prowler: 3150 HP, 128 max damage
    Stalker: 3520 HP, 137 max damage

    33% cut
    33% stab
    33% impact


    Trophy animals (HoF) over 5,000 PED will be awarded a 5,000 PED bounty.
    (One 5,000 PED bounty available)

    Trophy animals (HoFs) over 1,000 PED will be awarded a 1,000 PED bounty.
    (Five 1,000 PED bounties available)

    Trophy animals (HoFs) over 500 PED will be awarded a 500 PED bounty
    (Ten 500 PED bounties available)

    How to claim your prize:
    Post a screenshot of your HoF in the Hall of Fame forum and post a link the HoF thread in this thread.

    Individual hunters AND teams may participate!

    1. This is a hunting event. Only hunting HoFs count.
    2. This event is for Songkra Valley only. Only Mutated Beladoth and Mutated Otorugi kills on Songkra Valley count for this event.
    3. Any individual attempting to abuse this event or any system involved with this event may forfeit their prize and/or be banned from the event.
    4. Screenshots must be uploaded within 7 days of the HoF occurring.
    5. You may claim more than one prize throughout the event.
    6. All prizes must be claimed within 60 days of the end of the event. Isabella DanceBoo Rose has been contracted to distribute prizes.
    7. Rules and prizes are subject to change as necessary to maintain the sustainability of the event.
    8. You may only claim one prize per bounty category.
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  3. Captain Jack

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    Final reserved post.

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