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Story Songkra Valley - A Backstory

Discussion in 'Songkra Valley' started by Starkiller, Oct 4, 2020.

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    Greetings everyone!

    Recently I wrote a backstory for Songkra Valley that underwent through revisions with several friends and Arkadia Officials in order to make it as cannon as possible. This is the result.

    Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.. Here goes:


    East of the Archeological Society’s “Taipan Digsite” (coordinates: LON 30840; LAT 27060) at the coastal areas of the Shagadi jungle region of Sentosa (also known as Planet Arkadia), the Songkra Valley is well known for its lustrous scenery filled with high tree tops and flowery grass fields, a beautiful steep creek ridge and valuable natural resources underneath.

    Due to the constant threat from the Oratan’s ever growing menace and the Imperial Federal Navy (IFN) being stretched too thin while defending from them across the planet, the area was sold in order to be managed and protected by private contractors so that the resources the area had could be somehow exploited and used for the war effort.

    During one of the many incursions throughout the region, a peculiar purple beacon-like structure was discovered within the privately owned Songkra Valley (at the coordinates LON 32488, LAT 26149). The contractors quickly built a small outpost near the structure with a private teleporter, brought in contracted researchers and engineers to further study it and attempt to reverse engineer the technology that could potentially serve the IFN and the Archeological Society in better understanding the civilization that once populated Sentosa, the Arkadians. After many attempts meddling with the structure to no avail, it suddenly activated itself without any apparent interaction and began emitting an encrypted signal that seemed to span across the whole continent. It was later discovered that more beacon structures, similar to it, were discovered across Sentosa, and were also emitting signals.

    Shortly after the beacon’s activation, a very surprising event occurred. First, Hordes of Beladoths with their large frames, rugged armored skin and frightening protrusions began to creep into the region from the Kulokhar snowy region from where they originate. These creatures are quite strong and are known for doing serious damage, while also being super hardy and robust.

    They soon began to establish themselves in the valley, fighting the private security forces to great extent and success and forcing them to retract to the vicinities of the beacon outpost. Soon after, from the same Kulokhar region, came the Otorugis. Very similar to the Beladoths, this species however is known for their smaller yet nimbler frame, which allowed them to escape the Beladoth’s predatorial dominance and creep into the Songkra Valley and also establish nests across it. This secondary occupation created greater turmoil for the area as now there is another menace roaming freely across it, skirmishing any and all targets that would cross their path.

    This once peaceful valley would only see conflict from then on, as the Beladoths and Otorugis would tirelessly fight each other for control of its resources and fertile grounds. Scientists from the contractors and the IFN were still very confused as to the reason these two species were specifically drawn to this beacon and not others. To this day they still attempt to understand the phenomenon, but they did find disturbing information. The Beladoths and Otorugis that roamed Songkra Valley had different attributes than their Kulokhar counterparts. They seemed to have mutated themselves somehow, which presented even more mystery to the whole situation. Speculators from both the IFN and the private contractors believe that the “Smugglers” faction has some responsibility for the “mutations” of these species. Some even dare to say Ned Kelly is the specific perpetrator of these actions, including the activation of the beacon structure.

    The contractors and the IFN however, were more concerned on how to subdue the creatures in the Valley because if left unchecked it could mean losing the region altogether and all of its resources, which in turn could limit the IFN’s maneuverability against the Oratans and the contractor’s investments. So, in order to attract fearsome hunters to fend off against the new threat and miners to gather the ground resources from the Valley, the IFN placed bounty missions on their terminals across the continent, and the contractors organized events to help with the war effort against the Oratans.

    And the rest, is up to you. Stand and fight colonist!

    Follow these directions to navigate through this area of the Shagadi Jungle.
    Colonist: For further informations on the creatures that dwell in this area, such as mission bounties and what you can gather from their corpses, refer to these links:
    Good luck, and thank you for taking this contract.
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