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Discussion in 'Deposits and Withdrawals' started by willo248, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. willo248

    willo248 New Member

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    Has anyone tried doing these sometrics offers to deposit? I would really recommend against it. About 3 days ago now I decided to try doing these sometrics offers, as I have not deposited yet and would've liked some ped to try it out, I started of filling out these offers and doing everything that they said it took me an hour or two drum up about 100 peds worth.

    I then came back and looked at the status of the offers after another hour they all showed as viewed but not completed. I thought there was something fishy going on but I left it for another few hours. When they still hadn't changed I reported all of them.

    I then got emails from the sometrics company regarding each of the offers. The emails asked me to provide evidence. I screen-shoted all the verification emails I had gotten and the programs I had installed attached them to the reply This was 2 days ago and I still haven't heard anything else on the matter.

    This is the virus scan afterwards as well...

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  2. Cly

    Cly Active Member

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    There is a very nice lady on EntropiaForum who has filled out many of these and has a rather useful set of advice to give regarding them...

    In general though, there have been no cases as far as I've seen of non-payment.

    And I personally have completed an offer or two which paid me in the time frame specified. So hopefully your issues get resolved soon.
    And hopefully your anti-malware will allow you to remove any unwanted ad-ware afterwards as well.

    Here we go, if you'd like to read her response: http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/f...ess-release)&p=2965737&viewfull=1#post2965737
  3. KMax

    KMax Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    That's just the way those survey pyramid scam things are done, I tried a few when ZEHX was doing this similar thing to Sometric's and i came to the belief that they tell you your not qualified for a survey after they finally got the information they wanted from you so they would not pay the ad person or the person doing the survey. Very Scammish on the side that issues the surveys at the top level, they screw everyone all the way down the ladder. Needless to say after a few attempts doing surveys I gave up on them with ZEHX.

    I mostly targeted the task he had available, IE the google search engine scam, the ones where google removes any automated search type results to get listed higher rank on their search results, so people would setup wierd panels where a person (you) would type in the search into google and then find the link and post the result back to verify, this tricks the google search engine as it is slow and hard to detect. But i did make 800peds doing these tasks and was a good way to kill time while sweating. If sometrics had those tasks I'd recommend those.

    I highly dislike the trial ad things though. Some trials are a pain to get out of, I had a friend that got suckered into paying 6 months on some crappy subscription because he for the life of him could not get his trial canceled before the cancelation time expired and you get automatically moved to full subscription. I have never tried these as I have heard many similar stories before I tried ZEHX things.

    So be careful out there. These are all pyramid schemes and the only person coming out ahead really is the person providing the initial data and they are laughing all the way to the bank, MA gets a micro cut and you get a micro cut of that micro cut.
  4. aj502

    aj502 Active Member Pro Users

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    Like K-Max, I am familiar of these thing thru Zehx.
    And also like him, I know that some of these "surveys" will fuck you over AFTER you have completed them.

    But some of them wil pay as promised. I can tell you what tho...Don't try to "shortcut" them, or you'll prolly not get ped-paid.
    I can also tell you, do NOT use your "main" e-mail - or any other e-mail you might want to use for anything purposeful again - because it WILL get spammed, spammed and spammed some more.
    Just make some dedicated Yahoo/G-mail or whatever acct.

    I have beifly looked at this and from Zehx experience, I knew exactly what it was.
    A pain in the ass.
    That don't necessarily mean it's a bad thing, but thta's what most of these are: A few free ped for a pain in the ass.

    It's a fair enough trade off if you don't get in one of the "scam" networks Max mentioned above.

    Plus you'll get "good" at the surveys, as in recognising their patterns so you can tab+auto-fill their feilds faster.
    I'll take prolly 10-25 min for you to get one done at 1st.
    I had them down to 2 min tops.

    If you have the patience, and find the ones that won't scam you, you'll get a little ped for wasting some time. (or a lot if you go balls out and get them down. I cashed out on Zehx bigtime.)

    Just keep in mind, you ain't gonna get a ton of ped for little effort.


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