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Some General Noob Ark Questions

Discussion in 'New Player Discussions' started by Hiro_Protagonist, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Hiro_Protagonist

    Hiro_Protagonist New Member

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    So I've spent almost a month on Ark and really enjoyed my stay.

    I flew to Rocktropia and let me tell you - I turned right around and came back. Not for me.

    Now that I'm setting roots on Ark I have a few questions about things that I heard about but didn't get into my first month.

    What's up with these keys?

    There are instances that need keys I think and missions based in those instances. What's the easiest/cheapest ways to get and use these keys?

    What's up with the Viceroy armor? Is it some upgradable armor mission chain or something?

    And I heard/read something about someone getting a really cool set of black clothes for doing/joining something?

    Is it just me or are the shops in Celeste Harbor bugged for everyone? I've tried to go in them and shop a bit but the shops take for ever to load, it looks like I drop in the floor, and when I turn the walls flash and everything disappears for a few seconds and I'm looking outside.

    Thanks for any insight you can give on these. I'm going to grind some on my Carabok mission. Only about 9,000 more to go.....
  2. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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    Try out some of the starter missions... I believe the pants you get from them go with most anything in the virtual universe. ;)

    (if you ever do go back to Rocktropia check out the Thing missions. Just be careful about how many times you put on or take off the arctic clothes since they are L)

    All estates get buggy from time to time... part of it's on the server, but a good chunk of it could be in your graphics card as well... or your isp speed... perhaps try tinkering with the settings in client loader, and adjust down speed in client loader to speed slower than your real isp speed, and in options in game change settings on graphic quality down a tad or two.

    Keep up with the carabok. If you are looking for more low level mobs to chase after you get done there... check this out...
  3. Alis4311

    Alis4311 Member

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    I´m not sure if you´re referring to the Aakas instances or the sal'diresh vaults.

    The Aakas instances are located by the Aakas teleporter and the keys are crafted, cheapest way to get one is usually to buy one. I think the aakas 1 costs somewhere around 60 ped to complete, key + ammo + repairs

    The sal'diresh vaults are shorter instances located in the Arkadia Underground. The keys for these are created by acquiring a Treasure map, and then you follow instructions, gather materials and create the key itself in mission form. I think the cheapest one costs somewhere around 15 ped total to complete, Key + Ammo + Repairs

    The cheapest way to acquire the sal'diresh keys are most likely to loot the treasure maps, and then gather the materials yourself.
    The Viceroy armor is pretty much a cooler looking Gremlin set, that is accountbound. It is acquired through missions, by gathering materials and handing them in to an NPC. Not sure anymore about the MU on the materials needed, But it is a decent amount of money to lock up in an armor set that you can´t trade. (You can sell it to TT and get the TT back, but that doesn´t cover the MU, naturally) It is however a great all-around armor set. If you really want it,the cheapest way is probably to collect materials yourself, but there are players offering the materials as a package, for which you will pay a little extra naturally, for their work. If you are working your way through carabok right now, it will be quite some time before you will feel the need to get an armor of this caliber though, so i´d say hold off for a while!

    It is upgradable, using decently rare materials looted in Arkadia Underground, so it runs up to quite a bit of money as well, but in the end, you get set bonuses awarding Evade and Crit Chance.

    You can join the smugglers. Naturally they will want proof of your worthiness so you will have to collect 1000ped (i think?) worth of Arkoins in order to pledge allegiance, at which point you´re rewarded with a nice set of smuggler clothes to make you fit right in. This also unlocks another set oi instances, Warehouses, after completing Stage VI of some of the missions in the Arkadia Underground.
    Unfortunately for shop owners and shop visitors alike, a lot of the shops on Arkadia have been bugged for quite a while, but MA doesn´t seem to care too much about it (or Arkadia Studios, not sure who´s actually at fault here, i´m guessing MA though) If you try to stay a bit away from walls,and any kind of furnishing/decor inside the shop, it seems to be managable most of the time, for me at least.

    Best of luck on your adventures on Arkadia

    Chris Book
  4. mastermesh

    mastermesh Active Member

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  5. Granny Rowan

    Granny Rowan Active Member

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    Welcome back :)

    2 types of Keys for 2 types of instances
    1. Aakas instances these require rafted keys to enter, you will either need to get the BPs and mats and craft own or purchase from a shop on Ark, SoReals on Harbour Island usually has most keys in stock.
    Each instance is made of several rooms/corridors and has a variety of mobs along the way. At the end you face a larger 'boss mob'. All the mobs are mission mobs so make sure you go to a mission terminal and get all missions before you start. These can be run solo (loot as you go) or team 'loot in boxes at end' if memory serves me correctly, though it has been a while.
    The number on the key indicates difficulty, higher means harder, so best to start low and get a feel for it. Golden key requires a lot of looted parts to make and is therefore very expensive, and I am not sure if the instance is currently working optimally, so best to ask before deciding on that one.
    2. Underground instances. You can make these keys yourself. Maps are dropped as loots on planet and if you take one to see the NPC at the moonshine bar at Harbour he will give you a mini mission to get the key.
    http://www.entropiawiki.com/Search.aspx?searchtext=treasure map&type=search
    Once you have the key you will need to locate the correct instance doorway in the underground. These are mini instances just 2 rooms, but the mobs count toward those missions, and they are a little bit of fun.

    This sounds like the uniform for the Smugglers.

    or you could ofc become an IFN officer ( do the ark stater mission then see the recruitment officer at 8 Coins Windy Isles) and wear IFN uniforms (arctic, jungle or desert or for a tiny fee all 3)
    do their dailies and eventually become the proud owner of a dropship

    Yes the shops are bugged, no it is not an Ark problem but a platform issue, as happens on other planets too, notably RT. Just seems worse here. I suspect the time allowed for a draw cycle is shorter than that needed to fully render everything in the nearby, and Ark has a lot of moving water near the shops. Sometimes the floor or walls fail to render, sometimes the furnishings, you may therefore fall through, get stuck in wall, or stuck in a table. Wriggle a bit and you may get free on next re-draw. Otherwise press T. We have waited almost 18 months for MA to fix what they broke. Meantime the best, simplest but not foolproof work round is get off the floor once in the shop. Jump onto a table or shelf if you can. Meanwhile please be patient, those shops have some good bargains, and the shop owners work hard to maintain them despite the issues.

    GL on Ark

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