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Some feedback from a regular player

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by In Love With, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. In Love With

    In Love With Member

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    Hello all,

    if this is in the wrong section, mods pls move - thanks -

    Dear Ark Team:

    I've been playing EU since 2006 and would consider myself an affluent investor in this game. Since you guyse seemingly respond to players I would like to give you some personal feedback.

    1. Mining

    I like it - The addition of Treasure Hunting has made me burn quite a few amps on Ark already. You should however find more use for most of the treasure finds. Bronze alloy or fossil tooth. If those would be needed in more bp's, the whole economy would profit from that (I know its easier said then done, but maybe there is room for improvement on this one).

    2. Hunting

    Overall - excellent - You have a wide variety of mobs at all levels available. Missions seem well though through and your spawns are in comparison to Caly simply beautiful ... However, and this is a really big one

    You are a new planet who has yet to establish a playerbase. Whats with the greed of all the LA's which coincidently host the best mobs as well ... And then you add a whopping 5% on all of those lands. This, to me is extremely disencouraging. Would you like to do the math how much a player will lose when doing an entire Scoria mission. Without having a calculator, but at 90% return I am going to say that you loose at least a few thousand dollars - that to me is the opposite of what you really want.

    Here are some ideas

    a) IF you have to have taxes, lower them
    b) create additional spawns of all mobs (those spawns could be mixed if you have to so that paying a premium will get you what you want, also spawns could be less dense to make a distinction)

    3. Crafting

    TBH, I do not craft much so other then checking the Arkadia specific components that can be looted and mined for their usability, I would imange crafting works as well

    4. Instances

    Very nice, played them all from 01 to 10. Brokers don't work, but you know that ... Arkoin traders should be located where the challenges are given out (OR just place them where you enter and exit the instance ... that way it is even easier for players to exchange their valuable arkoins for goodies

    Ontop I would like to see lower instances to be shorter ... Even a key 01 will take you way over an hour because the maze is just so big - It would be very nice and helpful for newer player to get a taster for those instances taking 30 mins max

    Also ... A key 10 instance SHOULD NOT have level 1 mobs ... Come on guys, this a joke ... There I am standing with fully plated uber armour and have something running at me with 10 hp (other then overkill and armour decay this is pointless and it makes players angry to encounter this stuff on a level 10 key imo).

    That's it really, off to rip me some riptors, keep up the good work

  2. cute781217

    cute781217 Active Member Pro Users

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    Those LA are pre-sold LA, 8 coins owned by Deathifier, Santuary cove owned by Hawking I think. They bought it when they don't even know how big their LA would be and what mobs or minerals would located on their LA. So some unique mobs and minerals on those LA are a must for them to take back their investment I think. And from what they said the tax is set by Mindark, LA owner don't have right to adjust it.
  3. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    What Yao-Te said about the current LAs. They invested in the planet prior to its release, and the LA terms were pre-determined. We've had discussions about it before, you can search the forum for the precise answers if you want more info. Hunting and mining on the two LAs is quite popular, I know I do a lot there myself and I've never noticed any 5% reduction in loot, at least not for mining. There are some people who "don't touch taxed LAs" just out of principle, but those who actually play there don't seem to complain about loot any more than anyone else. As an aside, there is one untaxed tiarak spawn west of Dauntless. It's as you suggested... not an ideal hunting ground.

    It might not be a a bad thing if the level 1 instance were a little smaller. But then again... the newbies I've taken though all enjoyed it and no one commented that it was too long. It was a huge amount of work to create the instances, and that's the main reason they all use the same map. I do know that there are plans for completely different instances to be added in the future, so there will be greater variety down the road.
  4. Larkin

    Larkin Platinum Member Staff Member PAF Senior Mod Platinum Member

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    Moved to the appropriate section. For future reference, the feedback section is under "Developer Feedback" then to "Bugs, In-Game Issues and other Feedback" and finally "Feedback".

  5. Fallen

    Fallen Member

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    with current markup on the resources on those LA's it is not possible to mine them using amps, other than near TT lvl2's, and have decent results long term. i never complain about the TT value of loot but i also dont mine these LA's like i used to. :)
    i dont think it is really a big secret why people hunt on these LA's, they are chasing the big loots that can drop from these high HP mobs.
  6. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    For being in game for 6 years it seems you still dont see how MA runs things mate. All the things you talk about are done the same on Caly. LAs are taxed most at 4.99% last time I was there. The best mobs are on Land areas as well. Mob spawn sizes are rediculesly large so mining most of them is outta the question unless you wanna piss ANY extra money you have or make mining away on no loot mobs. As for the cost to play.. MA sets the limits on what comes back to balance that as you should well know by now.

    The only thing Ark team is resposnsible for in all that is setting mobs to insanely high health and or crack head level regens and I am NOT 100% sure on that as MA may have changed that all to balance what loot items Ark team has requested be on these mobs.

    As far as instances go.. not sure on upper level ones but I KNOW if I do a level 1 solo with opalo/a101 and take my time it takes 35 minutes to do level 1 and 2 instances. If you take an hour....well I wont go there right now.

    Last I want to address the Arkadia is a new planet and has no economy thing...Its the second largest economy in the game with the second largest population (not sure maybe when you get rid of all the dead accounts listed for Caly and all the alts Im thinking Active Ark population is better then Caly) I would even venture a guess that it is larger then RT, NI and Cyrene combined at this point.

    That leaves us with this statement "I've been playing EU since 2006 and would consider myself an affluent investor in this game." Tends to sound a little to "Im entitled" Calpsonian speak to me. But anyway best of luck I hope things work out for you here as it is a good place to be within the Entropia universe right now. At least most of the stuff works here on a daily basis unlike other planets and you dont have to guess day to day what is going to happen.
  7. Milesio

    Milesio Platinum Member Platinum Member

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    Before last update you can do key1 to key3 mission in about half hour because you not need kill all mobs only boss mob. Then update arrive. I think doors are in all key levels. I try a key4 mission after update and i use about 1 large hour, perhaps because i need kill all mobs before door is open.

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