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Smugglers, are these clues ?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Dove, May 13, 2018.

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    So in the IFN Warehouse area, there are a few things that could be random, but then again they might be clues.

    Example 1: In the warehouse 2 door area is an IFN Defense Bot Stage 5 Trophy, does that hint to a future requirement, to progress on the mission chain ?

    WH2 Door.jpg

    Example 2: There is a map of Arkadia in the warehouse 3 door area, this map has a red dot on the arrivals area TP, I think this hints to Kate (Kate is the lass that upgrades Moonshine gear to Smuggler quality).

    WH3 door.jpg

    Example 3: While raiding the warehouses, we often find posters, one of these posters is of a [Herman LAW-20 Smuggler], the poster also has a kill list on it that looks to suggest completion of; Huon Stage 5, Teladon Stage 4, Kamaldon Stage 3, Kiana Stage 5, Riptor Stage 4, Beladoth Stage 5, perhaps this too hints to a future requirement ? The reference to the [Herman LAW-20 Smuggler] is further emphasized by the Herman LAW-20 Smuggler Stand, one of the rewards after Stage 6 Smuggler Combat Training.

    Smuggler Herman Law -20.jpg

    Has anyone else spotted something ?

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