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Slice and Dice Punny's Massacre

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by Mr madpodz rfyaa, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Welcome to First Slice and Dice Punny's Massacre Event which taking place on April, 29 (Arkadia Event Area 2).

    We guarantee that you will experience exciting one hour hunting that is specially created for newcomers of Planet Arkadia with prize pool of 100 PED.

    The object of the event is to gather as much loot as possible from killed creatures, such as Carabok, Gallard, Male/Female Monura and Arkadian Hornet in one hour.
    The participant with the highest total loot value wins.

    Event Information:
    *Start Time: 23:00 Server Time
    *End Time: 00:00 Server Time
    *Ticket Price: 5.00 PED
    1st Place: 50.00 PED
    2st Place: 30.00 PED
    3st Place: 20.00 PED

    *Min. Reputation: 1000
    *Participant Max Health: 120
    *SatNav Disabled
    *No Mindforce
    *No Armor Protection
    *Effects Disabled
    *Max weapon damage is 7

    For more information contact Ms Crystallli Kry.
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