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Shortblade progression

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Grizgal, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Grizgal

    Grizgal Active Member

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    OK, so I decided to use short blades as my main weapon (dont ask me why)!

    I am currently Knifefighter hit level 23 and damage 21.9. I am using a Khorum Ice dagger, tier 2 with enhancers. What would you recommend as the next weapon to choose to progress? ideally I would like an UL weapon as I have used L weapons and find it really annoying to have to hunt around when you need a new one (and potentially hunt lower level mobs for weeks while you locate a new weapon).

    Alternatively, do you collectively feel I should stick with this weapon for a while?

    Many thanks
  2. Jod

    Jod Well-Known Member

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    Well my SB progression was all done before the massive range of SB we have now were available so for me it was TT gear then Bicak Kek at your level till I maxed the Bicak Blix at which point I bought an Unl one and as it tiered up I was able to progress in to the 40's and upgrade the blade again.

    Your blade is basically the same DPS as the Bicak Kek (L) although I wasnt able to tier back then so your Ice dagger will provide much more options and future usabilty than the Bicak Kek did for me.You should be able to stay with it a bit longer.

    So if you have a blade that has the DPS or ped/hr decay for the level you hunt then stick with it as long as you can.If it has a few Tiers on it then you can adjust the DPS to what ever you feel like hunting that day.

    If you do want to progress to the next blade then find one in which the DPS starts at Tier 1 where your current one ends and you'll be increasing your range of DPS choices to go and match what you want to hunt even further.

    Obviously your budget comes into it but at the end of the day it comes down to DPS and ped/hr burnt,If that is good for your play style and budget and you have a good supply of that blade then go with that.
  3. slither

    slither Active Member

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    wait a couple of weeks, with the hunting event there could be a flood of blades on the market.