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Shopkeeper in Celeste Harbor 17 North level 3! rare crafted.

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Forgo, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Hello all, I have placed a shopkeeper in my apt. (Celeste Harbor 17 North level 3).

    I am now crafting over 1000 different blueprints, many rares.

    I plan to keep f-105 and f-211(L) in stock along with some amps and reilly boots for you color/texture types.
    F-211(L) is the most eco finder for the depth range. And very low reqs.
    I also am stocking great emergency (L) faps healing 72 hps ...39 times per minute! oh yeah.. its maxxed at level 3 too.

    I can fulfill armor plate sets on demand (1a,1b,2a,3b,4a,6a...+various (L)) as well. I can do most armor sets, including full blueprint sets for many (L) armors.

    These goods are regularly on auction at RT and caly as well if you may need.

    Feel free to contact me with orders or requests and I can arrange to have them in the shopkeeper for easy pickup.

    The various rare furniture and paintings I would consider offers on as well.

    Thanks for looking and good luck!