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Seriously people?

Discussion in 'General Economy Discussion' started by Cyborg Bill, May 30, 2012.

  1. Neil

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    Because there are achievements that say "10 000 Creature Kills", "10 000 Detonations", "50 000 items crafted", etc. Most of these are from RT, and you get them even if you have done all your activity on another planet. So it's a system-wide tracking that PP's can utilize for achievements. I'm guessing it's the same tracking system the PPs tap into for the kill X mobs missions. There are also things like how far you have walked, flown in a helicopter, traveled by boat, driven, how many players you have killed in PVP, how many times you've logged in, fallen to your death, healed others, how many hours you've spent online at each planet, how many rounds of each ammo type you've shot, how many times you've "celebrated", how many times you've repaired a vehicle... In other words, Big Brother is watching you AND he's a compulsive note-taker!

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying any of these tracked items are relevant to loot, just that it's possible since the system is tracking them. Given how many things are tracked and the recent Dev's notes "there is no system in place which tracks each avatar’s returns over time, or which provides compensation to individual avatars", I think we can interpret that to mean that yes, your individual loots are logged and tracked (along with the number of times your avatar has done the "scratch" emote) but your past loot amounts do not directly affect your future loots.

    See, I can make this on-topic... MA is tracking the number of times we've listed anything above or below market value. Do we really want that on our permanent record? :fineprint:
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    Possible, dunno for sure. The TT of my inventory stays rather constant, floating with a +/- of maybe 500 PEDs. I haven't deposited since at least 6 months.
    Recently I'm nearly not hunting/ crafting anymore, I'm tired of killing the same old mobs day in day out, with the same crappy loot - I refuse to play with big stakes, this restricts my selection of possible prey quite heavily ...
    And crafting? I'm tired of looting the same BP's over and over and over. That's no fun.

    After all, I'm not playing this much anymore, quite often I open the client loader, look at it for a while, and close it again. Dropping another 30 PED bombs (my usual run size) at one of the places where I know every stone by its first name meanwhile? With a quite sure win of 3 - 5 PEDs? Or dropping in a new region, often losing 10 PED then, or more? Well, not hard to decide, but really not exactly what I'd regard as fun, challenge or entertainment.

    Ooops, OT. Back to the topic.

    I think it's mainly a question of the demand. By far the most stuff I find has a MU of quite below 110% - doesn't make me wonder, who should buy all this stuff that can be crafted by it?

    As long as we don't have a continuous influx of new, hungry players nobody will buy all this junk.
    No big demand of weapons and armor, result: low MU for the crafters. Many crafters, few customers.
    Result_2: Low demand at the crafter side for most of the stuff we miners are digging from the ground. Again, low demand -> low MU for the mined resources :/

    I hold some serious K PEDs in craftable material alone, most of it is basically TT food. Sure, no demand.

    This is the vicious circle - no demand, no MU, no fun. And no fun means even less demand, even less MU, even less fun. The only cure would be to attract tons of fresh, excited nOObs that would meet an affordable, challenging and entertaining game, and that would bring the fresh money to break up this vicious circle, IMHO.

    But we know this wouldn't happen. EU today is very different to the PE in the times of the CND deal. The hurdles have been made much higher, any mob that could possibly loot anything of interest is far from the reach of any new player, and the "cost to play"/ "chance to lose a lot" has skyrocketed.

    This is, IMHO, the reason for the dilemma. Other factors, like the strange distribution of mining resources, MA's incompetence to get even one single rollout done without major bugs, the disability of many participants to play the auction without hurting themselves, all this only adds fuel to the fire. But the fire is burning because EU is marching straight into the dead end lane. With bells and whistles.

    Have fun!

    (This is a quite frustrated post, I know. Plz excuse, and thx for reading!)
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  3. RexDameon

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    all i can say is what goes around seems to come around. Often i've seen that someone will give me a good deal on an item and then global later. Or i'll sell something to someone under markup go for a hunt and boom i'm back up again. It's weird and hard to know what works and what is really the truth i'm just gonna keep doing what i'm doing cause it's working for me for the most part.