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Serendipity Unlock

Discussion in 'Skills' started by Slipnaet, Jul 19, 2015.

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    After about 1 month of repairing on board on MS i finally managed to unlock Serendipity.

    I took me a whooping of 85 rk-5 and the nesecery WW.

    My skills after i finished:
    Intelligence 57
    Vehicle Repairing 4607
    Vehicle Technology 3225
    Blueprint Comprehension 2825
    Electronics 2468
    Engineering 3002
    Mechanics 2477

    To be honest i did craft a bit b4 starting but nothing to serious about 30-40 ped on an explo 1 bp.

    Hope this info proves usefull to anyone else insane enough to try it.

    Also i hope i posted this on the right section if not move it as you think. Thank you.

    Entropia 2015-07-16 01-14-11-87.jpg
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