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Sentosa's Reach (ALA04) - The search for the DNAs

Discussion in 'Sentosa's Reach' started by Starkiller, Mar 4, 2017.

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    Bumping up the thread. Still looking for:

    For Owekos:
    - Oweko Brain (Rare Part) - Bounty: 10,000 ped;

    For Kianas:
    - Kiana Brain (Rare Part) - Bounty: 1,000 ped;

    For Madanas:
    - Madana Skull (Rare part) - Bounty: 2,000 ped;

    For Halix:
    - Halix Skull (Rare part) - Bounty: 1,500 ped;

    For Yukas:
    - Yuka Skull Plate (Rare Part) - Bounty: 15,000 ped;

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