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Selling Mining Gear+ more

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Forgo, Jul 7, 2012.

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    Hello and thanks for looking,

    I am selling on a regular basis (subject to supply) the following uncommon items on auction/shopkeeper:


    I have an overflow/ orders Shopkeeper in Celeste Harbor Apartment - 17 N level 3

    Corner near museum - only 12 steps from storage, and closer to TP than most shops.

    Willing to stock on demand, will be making Blueprint list available online soon (1200+ bps).

    Willing to work discounts on trades for Arkadian Ores/minerals.

    The goods

    Finder F-211 (L):

    Low requirements to use - Maxxed at level 4
    372M depth
    4th lowest decay finder available for purchase (1.3 pec per drop)
    faster tiering, though limited.

    Finder F-105 UL :

    Decay = 2.05 pec per drop
    422 depth
    Maxxed at level 11
    Often used for cheap tiering, and no further markup like (L)

    High tiers have a great markup

    Resource Extractor RE-105 UL

    rare and efficient extractor, Unlimited.

    Ek-2350 UL
    Fast healer - 41 uses per minute
    16.4 heals per second

    ek-2900 UL (when available)

    29 uses / min
    Faster and more healing than ek-2600 (18.9 heals per second/27 uses per min)

    21.27 heals per second

    can make Amps 101-105 (L) - Other mining tools

    Armor plates 1a,1b,2a,3b,4a,6a,2D(L), pulsar 1 (L)

    4a is great for Madana - 2 stab, 5 cut, 6 impact, 4 acid

    Many armor types, building bp sets for Arkadian armor (L) set sales at some point.

    Many Weapons.

    I have a few Full TT Ziplex TK-220(L) finders available for a short time.

    Can make Arkadian Keys 1-5.

    Can make Reilly boots, Catre shoes (rare) and Fresher boots (rare) for textures as well.

    Thanks for looking, and good luck.

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