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SELLING: Imk3 Tier 2.9

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Crystal, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Good Morning.

    I am currently considering the possibility of selling this fine weapon due to both PED availability and my current skill set.

    This weapon has been amazing with the ability to kill Proteron Young/Mature, Chomper Young, Furor Adept/Worker and SEG 01 before they reach me (No armour decay).

    Will be extremely sad if I make the decision to sell this weapon however I have enjoyed it and will hope the new owner enjoys it as much as I did.

    Stats available below.

    Class: Carbine
    Type: Laser
    Weight: 3.1 kg
    Damage: 80 HP
    Range: 113.0 meter
    Attacks: 63 /min
    Reload: 1.0 seconds
    Damage/second: 84.0 HP
    Power: 9492.0
    Decay: 2.360 PEC
    Ammo: 1600
    Cost: 18.360 PEC
    Maximal TT: 1340.00 PED
    Minimal TT: 40.20 PED
    Total Uses: 55077
    Cost/second: 19.28 PEC/sec
    Damage/PEC: 3.023 HP
    Damage types
    Penetration: 8 HP
    Burn: 72 HP
    Misc. Info
    SIB: No
    Amplifier: Energy Amp
    Ammo: Medium Weapon Cells
    Hit profession
    Hit Profession: Laser Sniper (Hit)
    Maxed: 100 Levels
    Damage profession
    Damage Profession: Ranged Laser (Dmg)
    Maxed: 100 Levels

    Start Bid: 120k PED
    Buyout: 150k PED

    Please note this is not a definite sale and more of a gauge of interest. I reserve the right to cancel this sale at any time. I will consider partial trades for unL SIB weapons of similar (yet lower PED cost) such as an R150/HL/X5 ​
  2. Crystal

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