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Selling Extremely Rare Apartment: Sanctuary Cove 8, lvl 2 & 3

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Silk Road Trader, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,

    I decided to sell / rent this nice apartment.

    * Sanctuary Cove 8, lvl 2 & 3

    * Very nice view !
    * You would own level 2, which is the apartment with its 120 IPs (Item Points) and level 3 (roof) with an additional area and an 50 extra IPs.
    * The deed would give you a total of 170 Item Points + the additional area.

    * You should know that besides the fact that apartments sell in rare ocasions, and with roof even rarer, normal apartments go for over 2.000 Ped. This one has extra space and 50 extra Item points.

    BO: 3.500 Ped
    RENT: 2 CLDs or 50 AUDs as collateral
    FEES: 30 ped / month
    10 ped / week
    2 ped / day

    Accepting Auds & CLDs aswell.

    In-Game avatar: Silk Road Trader

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