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Selling: Embra Laser Sword C1

Discussion in 'Selling' started by mastermesh, May 31, 2018.

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    Selling: Embra Laser Sword C1, Tier II (technically 2.5)

    TT Value: currently 89.12 Ped (max tt value is 2972.00 so it's definitely a way to get your swordsmanship up if you repair it and go hunting for a while. Don't keep running to the repair terminal! :) )

    Damage/second: 22.4
    Efficiency: 54.9%
    Recommended Level: 7.0 Swordsman (Dmg)

    Startbid: TT + 410 Ped
    Buyout: TT + 1K Ped

    The only reason I'm selling this nice little blade is becuase I recently acquired the adjusted version so no longer need this one (unless Mindark lets us do two handed swords stuff in a few years)

    PM if interested! :)

    (start bid is a tad above most recent market value but not really since market value when there's only like 12 sales ever is fairly unreliable. Selling at a loss really since I originally paid quite a bit more than the start bid here for it... not in a major hurry to sell it so won't go below start bid listed above. Mainly just starting to get around to cleaning up storage since I now have over 3k items in inventory, lol)
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