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Selling bulk Herb boxes

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Corey "Greyfox", Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Corey "Greyfox"

    Corey "Greyfox" Member

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    I have 63 herb boxes to sell in bulk, you take all of them and I will only charge TT + 0.50 each.
    TT for all 63 is 315, after MU 346.5.
    Really good newbie Fap.
    Pm me here if your intrested, or find me in game
  2. Hyssch

    Hyssch Active Member

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    This is a really nice fap actually and Oleg tested it decay to be in par with adj/imp/mod faps and I believe.

    I use this as my primary fap on Arkadia. It's quite fast and gives better heal than Fap-5 or Calypso TT Vivo

    So, good for noobs (like me :) ) and I can recommend this fap to others too... not a bad bargain if You decide to buy one... or all of them to sell or as prizes for noob-events etc.

    -- Hyssch --

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