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Scanning ruins

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Morgoth, Apr 29, 2015.

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    I believe it would make for more interesting RPG, and gameplay if we could scan ruins for skills and maybe a chance for say a "dig site" location as a random SOoTO.

    Could make missions too for ACA to discover x amount of dig sites, mission for successfully finding treasure at said dig sites.

    As for what items, ores, enmats, or treasure is used for loot in dig sites loot for finds is not really majorly important. But ark team could hide some nifty story line easter eggs, and maybe some items using this kind of system.

    Personally I'd make them range from 3 types of dig sites

    1 - promising / you are more likely to find it at a shallower depth
    2 - dicey / you are more likely to find it at a medium depth
    3 - longshot / you are more likely to find it at a very deep depth

    more ranges could be added for variation, and of course the "size" of the digsite can be fairly random as well, so the player may have to mine a larger area in hopes of finding the rare archeological find hinted at when scanning the ruins.

    I believe this would be profitable for the game and player base in both an economic sense but as well RPG to liven up the game and get more involved with the story. And who doesn't want to see scanning being useful for things other then skilling to take creature pills?
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