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Scanning mobs

Discussion in 'Skills' started by Java FX, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Java FX

    Java FX Member

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    I am now at 126/5000 (more or less) of my Carabok swunt. I was browsing Entropedia and came to an idea to scan mob prior to swunt. That will add some cost per mob but that shouldn't be a problem if gained skills are useful. However, I don't understand what skill like Scan Animal and Animal Investigator profession are good for.

    Entropedia says (if I interpret it correctly) after scanning there is 46% chance to get Scan Animal, 10% for Analysis and Biology.

    Is there any practical usage from scanning skills? Like, higher it is mob evade shot less, or minimal damage to mob is higher?
  2. Turisas

    Turisas Member

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    Animal / Robot investigator profession is needed to use creature control capsules.

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  3. Ardorj

    Ardorj Active Member Pro Users

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    That's not quite right. Professions are build for skill, in this case the "Animal Investigator" is build with Scan Animal, Analysis, Biology, Zoology, Computer, and some more. The Scan Animal skill counts for 46% of the Animal Investigator profession. As a result, when you scan an animal and get a green line, there's a 46% to get Scan Animal, etc.
    For more info on Skills vs. Professions, see this thread on Caly.Forum.

    I scan a lot of mobs that I hunt. I am not aware of any benefit, apart from the creature-control (which I don't use). It's a habit of mine, could be a bad habit.
    When you are low on PEDs/ Income, then I suggest you not to scan.
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  4. the Prophet

    the Prophet Active Member

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    that's one basic concept of EU. there is no 'goal', but you 'try' some profession, and gather some loot/skills. both priceless! :biggrin2:

    makes sense to me! :whistling:

    who's gonna be the first master investigator?

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