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Sanctury Cove Events - Event System - SUGGESTION

Discussion in 'Sanctuary Cove' started by SallyBridges, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. SallyBridges

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    Just a quick question I am currently attempting my way through the Kadra Mission chain.

    On stage 3 now and its burning some peds but hey its fun and the end reward will be nice.

    Just wondering if alongside the existing rewards if there might be some Sanctuary Cove Events
    within the Arkadia Event System. wouldn't necessarily have to have huge prizes and not sure if these have been
    tried before or not.

    Was just thinking that it would be nice if there was a weekly event / event's on some of the mobs @ Sanctuary Cove

    Possibly say do a Kadra event each week with some prizes for the event 100 ped 1st as an idea and tickets 5 ped
    then if lootius isnt favoring us we could pay 5 ped and think theres a chance i could get a little prize ;) alongside
    running the missions and then at the end of course getting the Sanctury Cove Reward.

    Then possibly do a monthly event with a bigger prize. as we all know some times lootius isnt favorable on us
    and this might help at the times of loot drought. Also aware that some of these mobs do get hammered and
    you need to wait for some respawns already and so events might cause negative effect if not timed right /
    community supported.

    Also the Event System advertises the event area for ticket sales and so this would then additionally advertise
    Sanctuary Cove not sure if you want to take this forward but if you do you could setup a poll on the forum to check if others are interested but just wanted to put it out there ;P .

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