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Discussion in 'Community Events' started by cerealkiller, May 24, 2023.

  1. cerealkiller

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    greetings and salutations my fellow arkadians. the long awaited and highly anticipated largest swunt in the game has undergone some fairly significant improvements for my 11th instalment. Swunt(S) And(A) Giveaway(G) Extravaganza(E) XI is sponsored by BIG industries and entropian Alaina bonnie knight. We are also working with a new partner Arkadia zephyrus community manager. first i'll lay out the summary for those of you who dont like to read then i'll go into more detail on everything.

    sunday june 11th
    -15:15 free warps from calypso rocktropia and toulon to arkadia
    -15:45 free warps from cyrene monria and next island to arkadia
    -16:00 official start of team swunting
    -17:00 dev spawn swunt mobs
    -18:00 sweat buy
    -18:00 dev spawn smuggler army at the abyss

    Us hardcore sweaters will be in action early several streamers will be doing trivia giveaways in local and on their streams 15:00-19:00. the who and where of warps will be as follows.

    -on Calypso see Avy-leigh [63220, 74370, 131, Camp Icarus] to join ekko's warp
    -on Rocktropia see gym gymmy macHais [136239, 84877, 238, Waypoint] to join disi's warp
    -on Toulan see Bullets Immortal Kat [132644, 94042, 280,Citadel] to join sun's warp
    -on Cyrene see jo johaoninho90 jo [138842, 80088, 100,Sky Labs] to join ekko's warp
    -on Monria see dea kali devi [Monria, 38015, 22062, 161, The Hub] to join disi's warp
    -on NextIsland see Alek Gozzy Abernor [135864, 83751, 312, Paradise Landing] to join sun's warp

    the free gear described above is a herman ark-0 and 5 ped ammo distributed by AUTHORIZED team leaders to all in attendance. @17:00 teams will disband and the more ambitious leaders will annihilate the wambana spawn around us as we sweat whatever zeph gives us and vaporize it when dry (please stick to the provided weapons here only one target and 100+ shooters). BIG industries will be buying up to 3k sweat from all in attendance at the premium rate of 2.5/k. after the sweat buy is completed head on over to the abyss teleporter and we can all pew pew with any weapon until our hearts content.

    now to answer a few questions i know i will be getting asked
    1. please do not just show up and make a team i will not give u anything and neither will the BIG representative.
    2. no there is no warps back i want you to stay in the underground and keep boosting the AUD payouts
    3.yes there will be some official assistance in getting down to the planet but if at all possible please arrange for this on your own.
    4. yes i know some people will exploit this event just to get free gear and/or free warps then not participate and while this is disappointing and not what i am trying to do just because some people are jerks does not mean i shouldn't be who i am and pay for a massive super fun party :)
    5. if you have been identified as exploiting a previous event or are on my personal ignore list or banned from BIG events you are not welcome at SAGE XI either.
    PS. getting a dozen players and two devs all on the same page three + weeks in advance is quite the feat expect some edits on this post lol.
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  2. Nakor of Boreft

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    Good to see you and Sage back CK :D
  3. Bas

    Bas Member

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    Hey CK,
    Very Cool, what you have managed to organise. I am sorry I will be sleeping.
    Best of Luck and I am sure everyone will have a great time.

    With Respect, o7
    Cognitive Bas Dissident