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Rifle + pistol = good choice?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Alex Moor, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Alex Moor

    Alex Moor New Member

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    Hello, I am using exclusively rifles but I have seen many players switching their weapons during combat.
    Is it somehow smart to use both pistols and rifles or should I stick with one weapon type?
  2. Angel O2 Mercer

    Angel O2 Mercer Member

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    In my opinion using both opens a lot more options when you unlock new SIB levels, that's the main reason I use both tbh. So unless any of them is terribly uneco you should think about using both rifles and pistols.

    Another thing I like about it is that pistols are a lot faster usually, so you are able to switch to your FAP if necessary and avoid a few deaths.

    Other than that doesn't really matter.
  3. Gewitter

    Gewitter Active Member

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    After analyzing UL SIB weapon, which is relatively affordable, I came to the conclusion that the only eco-chain, which can be built - is:

    1. Start level: Ancient Red Scorpion + A101 (3-4 pcs of A101 for long time hunting) (10,87 dps, at 2,969 eco)
    2. Xent Tech Light Rifle X3 + A102 (2 pcs of A102 for 500 PED session) (13,34 dps, at 2,957 eco)
    3. Herman CAP-10 Smuggler + A103 (5-7 pcs of A13 for 500-700 PED session) (21,27 dps at 2,932 eco)
    4. Philosopher Sword (about 10-15 pcs for one session) (28,54 dps at 2,915 eco)
    5. Isis Zero-Three + Beast (2 beast for 1000 PED session) (40,98 dps at 2,911 eco)
    6. Calytrek CR Spirit MK I + Dante (54,94 dps at 2,947 eco)
    After all will be ASG-12, or Sprirt TEN or so...

    (Now I use only p.p. 2-5)

    You need to effectively use a pistol and a rifle, laser or BLP (and melee)

    Another thing is: handgun, rifle, longblade skills - is HP modificators
    Therefore skilling in these professions causes to raise HP

  4. KikkiJikki

    KikkiJikki Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Generally I would preference pistols over rifles owing to the impact of amps on eco. Rifles do more dam per click but slower. Pistols do lower dam per click but faster. So an eco amp will do a greater proportion of the overall damage on a gun than on a rifle assuming approx equal dps. That means it contributes more to dpp. Also pistols with quicker fire rate allow faster swap out to a fap in the middle of combat (though you should aim to avoid the need for combat fapping anyway).

    However there are a few good reasons to use two weapons in combat.

    When hunting low hp mobs, swapping to a weapon with less average dam per click when the mob is close to dead reduces the amount of overkill you do. Overkill = wasted peds.

    Later on with high hp, high agro mobs, its good to tag the mob from outside its agro range with a rifle and then switch to pistol when it is closer. That way you avoid having to deal with multiple mobs at once.

    From a skilling point of view you will find that if you use only rifle or only pistol, your hit profession will get far ahead of ur damage profession. Your damage profession lvl will become the limiting factor on eco use of sib weapons and that can be frustrating. Using both will keep your hit professions for pistol and rifle approximately at the same level as the related dam profession.

    However, there are a few hidden skill unlocks that it is helpful to get as soon as possible. Serendipity (Hit lvl 30) boosts lots of skills. The lvl 40 unlock is great for hp. Sticking with a primary weapon will get you to these unlocks faster.

    So there are points in favour of either approach.

    Also some people go for melee instead of pistol cos it is good for hp. That's ok as long as you use TT melee or unl sib melee that you have maxed. L melee have some real issues when it comes to eco play and I would generally keep away from them.

  5. Luckycharm

    Luckycharm Member

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    I've used all kind of weapons since my start in this game. Never stuck to one kind, even mixed melee and ranged. Same for healing, both skilled FAP and Bio a lot.

    Result is it takes me a lot longer to unlock certain things I would have unlocked way before if I would have kept using just one kind of a weapon. Commando for example, which gives a nice hp boost at the start, I have still to reach. Just because BLP Rifle is not the only thing I've used. Currently 67.5 BLP sniper and 63.4 Laser pistoleer and 41.2 Swordsman all hit professions.

    I preferred to be an allrounder. If getting high unlocks fastest is your goal it's best to stick to one kind. If you must switch between rifle and handgun it's best to try stick to the same kind, e.g. BLP or Cells only at least. Yet changing is often tempting lol.

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