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Reliance on Observation & Testing or on Superstition

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Louise Ranavolana Brooks, Jan 10, 2020.

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    Do you do something, and that seems to give a positive result, then do you rely on that action, do you form a theory on it & go on repeating it – or do you question why, is this theory I formed a valid one, do I need to test it further?

    At present I am slogging my way through the Oratan Payback Mission up to level XV.

    Kill 100 Oratans (either Menances, Rougues, Fiends, Enforcers) do that 60 times and you will be rewarded with stuff and a promotion. Presently I have reached the rank of Brigadier. I am doing this concurrently with the Oratan Killpoint Challange – I am closing in on the fourth Oratan Figurine to do something with.

    At present I can only manage the Oratan Menance, Rogues just maybe, with a heap of luck and wasted peds. The others, well to put it in a very vulgar way, if I attract the attentions of Fiends upwards – my only choice is to bend over and kiss my arse goodbye :(

    Menances are certainly not pushovers and I so look at any way, any avenue, I can to improve my chances.

    For example.

    a) Move backwards as I am fighting them – it seems to reduce the damage they do. Even after they have moved into range.

    b) Or. when they come into range, move forward up close. I use corrosive MF chip L8, which is equivalent to a Melee weapon while the Oratan crossbow is long range – so it should work in my favour.

    c) Make sure I get the first shot in, and not use a tagger unless it can do damage at least equivalent to my main weapon. For it seems that when I use a tagger the Oratans return shot causes me more damage than if I got up close & used main weapon only. (its worth taking the risk as I have found I can usually get the Menance as well as any lower level Oratans attracted. The big ones don’t usually care – I have to get right in their personal space before they decide to kill me)

    d) Approach my target from the rear or side for their first shot in reply is not aimed at me, and appears to be wasted

    Sadly I cannot tell if these tactics work – sometimes they appear to, other times not. It may all be wishful thinking on my part. It is my superstition that convinces me that they do :)

    My other avenue is armour. I use Mah’ketta, I also have a set of Martial – I was told that Martial is superior to Mah’ketta. I can tell you this though, it depends on the circumstances.

    Looking at the stats – Martial is superior in every category except for Burn. It looks like Oratans attack with their crossbow shooting radioactive projectiles- the damage appears to be burn & penetration. Maybe 67% burn

    I use armour attachments 5B and on my Harness 6A (burn & penetration protection).

    Also my Mah’ketta is enhanced to Tier 1

    So I have no doubt at all – through bitter experience, that my Mah’ketta is superior to Martial – at least when I am fighting Oratans. I only wish for them I had 6A attachments for all my armour bits.

    Of course the situation may well be completely different when fighting other mobs.

    Tonight I will be back for another slogfest against 100 Oratans -

    My final avenue relies on healing – I am doing Mission Galactica. Got the opportunity to acquire Restoration Chip IX and the benefits it could give me. But what did I do, went for the next one up, all I have do is get 200 Bio Ids – how easy will that be :( Talk about not understanding the proverb of “a bird in the hand worth two in the etc. Etc”. I suspect playing EU late at night makes me temporarily retarded

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