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Regarding the sticky up top and shop services

Discussion in 'Services' started by Forgo, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Forgo

    Forgo Member

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    Perhaps you should actually take care of those with shops and answer questions they have, or bother to address the bugs within them.

    I owed a shop, I wanted an upgrade and had 5k ped to pay, I never got a reply. I would have liked to have not had my shop information thread closed without warning...but I see now I was not paying enough.

    You never supported this owner who spent post $20k usd on you....I would take big caution in this service as any shop owner.

    Cool thread congratulating the op on a service I couldn't get when I invested in the planet, and tried.
    Had to post to warn people of the false efforts.
  2. Chuck Jarrdhead Wholrey

    Chuck Jarrdhead Wholrey Active Member

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    Why are you picking a fight here?

    This is a Forum run by the players not MA, the Mod's make mistakes like the rest of us, sometimes they need to be called out, and sometimes they get blasted for no reason.

    When upgrading a shop you need to submit a support ticket, and contact the Dev team, not complain to the forum.

    When the forum Mod's closed your shop thread, the shop deed was in the Auction, which means it was not in use anymore.

    I really do enjoy the new owner of Celeste North #9

    Good Day
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  3. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Yes, I'll grant you that some of those bugs are annoying at times, but I know the guys have been working on them and they will get them sorted at some point. Afterall, Caly STILL has bugs and issues, and they have been unresolved for far longer....

    On the subject of communication, I can't speak for the Ark devs so I won't try, but just for curiosity, who and how did you try to contact them? On the original article for the shop upgrades the contact requirement was:
    If you didn't get a reply with this method, did you try via PM on the forum? If so and that didn't work, why didn't you ask one of the mods to pass on your request? We would have done our best to get your request through....I can't imagine that you would have got no response at all had you tried more than just the one method. However, feedback is good, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Maybe this contact method needs to be reviewed...?
    Seems odd that other people have used the service and have not highlighted any concerns regarding communication. My question is that if these other people have been successful, did they use the same method? Overall, I simply find it hard to believe that with all the avenues of communication at our disposal, that you were simply unable to get through to someone at Ark Studios.
    I'm sorry, but this is just utter rubbish, the money you spent or didn't spend had absolutely nothing to do with the moderation of the forum or your thread. Your last post in that thread CLEARLY stated that the shop had been placed in auction.
    As such, the thread was closed because as far as any of us could see, the thread no longer served a purpose in that particular forum and under Rule 5a, if items are placed in the in game auction, the threads on the forum are closed. However, in case you had other plans, not only were you given ample warning, but the mod that closed it specifically gave you the opportunity to contact them if you wanted it reopened.
    How much more opportunity could you possibly been given?

    Anyway, this issue has also been addressed once already in your previous Last post thread. I'm not going to address the same thing again just because you can't leave the bone buried. If you continue to post about it on the forum for no other reason than to cause trouble, I'm going to start deleting them under Rule 2b and 2e. Consider that ample warning.

    If you want to discuss your lack of support and/or communication from Ark Studios, then I respectfully ask that you PM or email David directly.