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Ranked Scorpion T 7.3

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Bear, Dec 15, 2015.

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    Selling my Ranked Scorpion T 7.3

    +100dmg/sec Pistol! -> Nice & Eco Grinder.

    • A105 Imp without Dmg Enhancers: 60.5 dmg/sec @ 2.930 Dmg/PEC
    • A105 Hyper & Dmg Enhancers: 95.5 dmg/sec @ 2.891 Dmg/PEC
    • Hotfoot 25(L) & Dmg Enhancers: 101.7 dmg/sec @ 2.869 Dmg/PEC

    The Pistol has 37.4m Range and 67 Attacks/sec -> Perfect for Ares Ring or Buffs!!
    Even with Ares(L) you get almost 70 Attacks /sec

    Recommended Level only: 45 Levels

    The Weapon can not be sold via inGame Auction (Thanks MA!).

    SB: 17k
    BO: 19.5k

    Trades for other Weapons, BLP or Laser + PED are possible. The Auction will run till start of MM 2015 unless I just sell for a good offer or BO is met.