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Quintas Quackdaz Farmer : An EU Story

Discussion in 'Greetings' started by Quintas Quackdaz Farmer, Sep 30, 2017.

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    Hello there folks Quintas Quackdaz Farmer here.
    A small story of my journey through EU.
    Bare in mind this is all written from the perspective of a Free To Play player.
    The reason i rolled my avatar on June/2016 in Entropia Universe, World Of Warcraft was going through one of its protracted pauses between xpacs.
    So i was surfing the web looking for something to fill my spare time in for when I was bored in WoW.
    I found this advert saying play for free. I thought, ah well nothing to lose.

    1. If you want to play for free as a sweater, find the SSi on your planet and swunt your heart out while you can qualify for making sales to them. I would suggest don't do anything else, but that would be up to you.
    2. Do not buy small guns unless you are paying 104% or less, buy TT guns, they last a long time, and are always available at 100%, they may seem expensive up front, but they are cheaper in the long run.
    3. Get a mentor as soon as you can, and make sure to do the Team Hunt part of qualification as soon as possible. The rewards will come in useful at some point in your future.
    4. When you land on any planet, take all missions available, regardless of whether you can complete them or not.

    Start Area
    So I went through the roll character mode, and landed in the start area for Calypso.
    Whilst I did work through this section, once I got to the Mining tutorial, I really got very confused with the interface options, I sank my charges into the ground, in the wrong parts of the zone. Which means I did not complete the mission, meaning it would not offer me any follow up missions.
    Suffice to say, I am not sure what i missed after that, but after a couple of days of frustratingly running around like a headless chicken, I took the TP and landed on Calypso itself.

    I went through some of the early missions, and somehow lucked out and got the Bukin's Spare Rifle without any major problems.
    With my World of Warcraft head, i figured it will not give me missions that cannot be completed by my avatar, ermm...no.
    It will give you any mission regardless of your status as long as you completed the mission just before it. What is all that about, thinks me!!
    Anyways, I looked at a few websites and followed a find all the TP's guide, I did this by a combination of driving/walking around (sometimes the mobs wipe out your vehicle, and you have to walk!).
    Then I thought, how can I kill things with no ammo, get PED, how do you get PED, the sales pitch that hooked me said "Vibrant Sweat".
    So I started my venture into Sweat Gathering and also killing 100 Puny's (the only thing I could kill on my budget).
    After a few weeks of this, and the odd sale, I found out about the SSi event. A bunch of friendly guys organise a sweat circle once a day, with free heals on big mobs, and if you are lucky you can make a sale of 1k Vibrant Sweat per day to them, for way above normal market prices.
    So I started showing up in OLA42 and sweating, and sweating, and a bit more sweating.
    Eventually this got me to the point where I finally managed to finish the kill 10000 Puny mission.
    Why is there only 1 Puny mission on Calypso? There are many differently named Puny mobs.
    I did make one small deposit of 110 Ped during my time on this planet. I like to justify it as, It was in my Paypal account that I had not used in over 6 years, so it was dead money where it was.
    Somewhere in the Kill 5000 Puny mission I discovered what it meant to be a disciple, so I took on one mentor, got about 4% into that, and decided he was not online enough during my play hours, and took on another.
    During this period I spent a fair amount of my budget buying Sollomate guns.
    As luck would have it just around the time I was finishing the 10k Puny mission, my mentor mentioned an event being held on Arkadia (Sage III), where they shipped people from Calypso to Arkadia, and also buy some sweat at good rates after taking part in the event.

    I landed on Arkadia and took part in the event.
    I had gained a few skills whilst on Calypso, but not so many.
    My mentor mentioned that swunting Caraboks would gain me awesome evade skills, gain easy sweat, and also the Carabok Hide sold well.
    So firstly I put some effort into the (10k Vibrant Sweat) Passport Mission chain, this opens up at the end into the Daily Oratan Payback mission.
    Then I picked up the Missions from the IFN mission board. Its nice that there are 5 different mission chains for the 5 different Puny's on Arkadia. Meaning I could focus on mobs within my budget for a good while.
    So again, there is an SSi event on this planet too, so I did manage to continue for the first couple of month's to qualify for making sales here.
    I focused my main efforts into Swunting Puny's.
    I landed on the planet with about level 4 Evader, by the time I had finished the 10000 Caraboks mission I was at about 11 Evader!
    I tried swunting Gallard for a while, after about 1000, i decided the skill returns in comparison to the Carabok returns was pretty slow/poor.
    During Carabok swunting I qualified as a Disciple and got a few toys, all of which I have not had alot of use for.
    Perhaps I should have swunted Gallard before caraboks! Anyway that is all in the past.
    I decided that Arakadian Hornets were too annoying on the Eye to Swunt, so I hunted these.
    I then moved onto Monura, I first tried Females for a small while with level 11 evader, these girls chewed/minced me up and spat me out, they were killing me way too quickly, so i moved over the field and started on the Males.
    At the end of the 10k Male Monura swunting I was roughly 14.5 Evader.
    Then I switched back to the Females, they were still killing me alot, but not quite as much.
    So I have finished up on Monura Females, final Evader level at completion 16.91.

    If you want to follow my progress after this point you can check out my google spreadsheet, I started to monitor which mission I am on, what my skill points were at the completion of each mission. Check Tab "Skill Progress"


    The Story continues...
    Hopefully some of the above is of interest to new players, and a bit of an introduction to me for those that see me around on occasion.

    If you need support DPS,
    1. You are willing to provide ammo and gun, I am willing to work for skills, all loot is yours.
    2. You are willing to provide ammo and i use my gun, all Big Ticket items are yours, i keep anything worth less than 0.50 per unit. P.S. my biggest gun is 9-18.

    If you need heal support.
    1. I can use your FAP for free, I.e. I work for skills.
    2. I can use my Vivo S10, for decay.

    Tips always welcome.
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