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Quad speed in atmosphere

Discussion in 'Vehicles' started by Neil, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Neil

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    Recently there's been some talk about using quads to fly around while on planets. I thought I'd do an actual test with numbers and see how the quad performs compared to some other vehicles I have. Here are the real numbers. Keep in mind fuel consumption, that the Sleipnir uses only 60% of the fuel per km that a Quad or helicopter uses. (Actual fuel consumption was not determined in this test).

    I flew in a straight line between 12889,26908 and 12960,28337 (mountaintop to mountaintop) in each of the vehicles below. That's a distance of 1.431 km. Acceleration, but not deceleration, was included in the following times:

    Quad: 1.383 min → 62 km/h
    Arctic chopper: 1.50 min → 57.2 km/h
    Sleipnir Mk1: 1.533 min → 56 km/h
    Gungnir: 1.717 min → 50 km/h

    As you can see, in spite of burning more fuel, the Quad is only 11% faster than the Sleipnir Mk1 in atmosphere.
  2. TimUnleashed

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    Good stats there Neil, thanks for sharing :)

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