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Pulsar Plate 9 (L), and Gyro Combat FAP-22 (L) BP's

Discussion in 'Discoveries' started by Forgo, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Forgo

    Forgo Member

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    For those who have acct and want to add to wiki,
    or anyone who may need these....

    Discovered the pulsar armor plate 9 (L) BP today - pvp/bot/oratan goodness:
    Pulsar 9 is pretty tasty, has a 50 ped TT
    15 penetration
    17 burn
    5 shrapnel
    Main ingredient of note is a male magurg pincer. I am buying these if you find them.

    Discovered the Gyro Combat Fap-22 (L) BP two days ago.

    Lists paramedic 18 with 70 PED Max TT
    23.3-31 base healing at ..........38 times a minute!!
    above average.....have not fruit tested either.

    GL all
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  2. Jenny ferr

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    Added, but need the durability on the plates too please.