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Suggestion Powerfist Rave

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Jewels, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. Jewels

    Jewels Member

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    This is a party where the DJ brings the music and the mobs provide the snacks!

    So...Take that armor off! Get your Arkadian Rave Fist on and ROCK out with your local Arkadian Rave DJ!


    Arkadia Underground at an outpost without defenses and only a Revival & Revive terminal in the middle. Possibly add a dome at location that encompasses the event area allowing spectators around the outside.

    Powerfist Rave I ... Powerfist Rave II ..... Powerfist Rave XVII ...Powerfist Rave CXXII
    Huge epic mobs. 126000 Health Total!
    • A couple massive mobs that really challenge and require a swarm of participants.
    • The loot is shared.
    • The participants armor is removed and the use of any weapon except the event weapon is prohibited.
    • The Arkadian Rave Powerfist is retrieved from the Rave Mission Broker at Victorious Firebase.
    • Entry to gained by picking up your Rave Tickets from the Mission Broker and trading them for Event Tickets at the Rave Shop NPC. The event tickets must be taken to the appropriate Event location prior to the event starting to register. Each event location has 32 tickets available per timeslot.
    • The powerfist can be repaired at the terminal at any point during the event.
    • Mobs do not regenerate health.
    • Participants are revived with full health* after 10 seconds.

    Arkadian Rave Powerfist
    Max TT: 10 PED
    Decay: 1 Pec
    Dmg: 2.5-3
    Attacks: 87
    SIB:Yes (Level 0-1)
    Account Bound
    EPIC Waves
    Wave 1
    Mobs: 12 Rave Champions - 500 HP / 15 dmg
    Stats: 1-16 Players / ~20PED Decay / 2-45 minutes​
    Wave 2
    Mobs: 6 Rave Elites - 1125 HP / 65 dmg
    Stats: 2-16 Players / ~30PED Decay / 3-45 minutes​
    Wave 3
    Mobs: 6 Rave Bosses - 4000 HP / 150 dmg
    Stats: 4-16 Players / ~80PED Decay / 15-45 minutes
    Wave 4
    Mob: Rave Lord - 30000 HP / 200 dmg
    Stats: 8-16 Players / ~100PED Decay / 18-45 minutes​
    Wave 5
    Mob: Rave Overlord - 57000 HP / 250 dmg
    Stats: >16 Players / ~190PED Decay / 15-45 minutes​

    • First day of each month.
    • Every hour on the hour.
    • Each wave begins after the previous round is defeated.
    • A wave will end if all mobs aren't killed within 45 minutes.
    • There is a total of 55 minutes to complete all the waves.
    • Each Citizen can enter into the event a max of 12 times*.
    • Participants will be teleported to Event Coordinator upon completion.

    • Arkadian Citizens are the only ones allow to participate.
    • Other players will need to purchase a passport to gain entry.
    • Passports cost 10000 Sweat Bottles to purchase.
    • IFN Personnel get an additional entry per rank.

    To be epic and awesome!
    • The goal is to see who can get the most tokens in the event.
    • It is an opportunity to bring all Arkadians together on common ground and enter into a competition to see if they have what it takes.
    • This will help drive traffic into the underground.
    • To give everyone equal opportunity to win the prize.

    • Each mob will drop its weight in tokens. (e.g. Rave Elite will loot 1125 tokens divided among participants)
    • Participants will be able to exchange tokens at the Rave Event Shop.
    • Top 3 Rave Winners will get an EPIC PRIZE.

    Technical Info

    • The maximum decay spent in the arena for any hour would be around 500 PED if you count evaded hits.
    • 12000 PED is the maximum spent If all the waves of each hour for the entire day are completed at a site.
    • If there is an overwhelming number of participants multiple sites could be made available.
    • 125000 tokens could be earned by a single participant if they participate all 12 times.
    • The rate is 300 tokens to 1 PED.
    • The Rave Event Shop items could be loaded with Rave edition items that can be purchased with tokens.
    • By adding more events that require citizenship to participate it helps the sweat market.
    • Another place to have ad screens with heavy traffic.
    • Maybe allow a DJ stream music in the staging and event area.
    • Possibly have a screen where players can spectate current event from at the staging area.

    I got this idea from way back in 2006 when we used to have power fist events. They were a ton of fun because everyone was doing it! I think it is important to have events that dial back the business and bring a bit of fun party spirit! It is invigorating and I think this idea will help!

    I was also thinking it could turn into a series of events that occur. For example Car Shows, Fashion Shows, Dance Parties, Pet Show, or the likes. Give the citizens the opportunity show their unique skills and tastes to the rest of society. The powerfist has a lot of energy and can really help develop into these other revenue driving events.

    Current Concept Concerns & Suggestions
    • The name "Mayhem" has strong Calypso ties. (Credit to May)
      • Need name suggestions.
      • Changed to 'Rave' until better suggestion comes.
    • Possible additional mechanics implemented. (Credit to Wauspaus)
    • Music style needs to be rave to fit AU's music theme. (Credit to Wauspaus)
    • Clothing available for purchase with event tokens. (Credit to Wauspaus)
      • These clothing purchases could be (C) and plain. See your local fashion designer to get your clothing custom designed for your needs!
    • Is there a way that participants can respawn with full health? Are the officials able to heal participants? Can a NPC have a script that heals players for the event? (Needs response from Arkadia Official)
    • Have other weapon rave events also.
    • If player has Citizenship or Passport they get Rave Mission I if they have IFN Private Access Card they get Rave Mission II. All the way up to General or whatever is the highest rank giving them access to Rave Mission XII or whatever the highest rank is.
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    Last edited: Mar 7, 2015
  2. Wauspaus

    Wauspaus Active Member

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    Would require a lot of work, however it sounds like a lot of fun :D Wondering what others think about it, especially since its an Underground event :)
    To keep to the theme though a little bit (underground music scene) it needs to be in a rave setting :D So maybe have a set of specific clothing you can buy for the tokens which light up in the underground a bit :) Although you dont want it to be 2 awesome since it might pull business away from the local clothing stores and texturizers
  3. KillerDawg

    KillerDawg Active Member Pro Users

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    Interesting idea you have there. For sure interested.
  4. Hideo

    Hideo Active Member

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    sounds intresting but needs alot of new stuff.

    i´m still waiting for the pvp boxing event that was to be staged at the pvp ring at celeste.
  5. Dan59

    Dan59 Active Member

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    Did A-Team made any Arkadia powerfist?
  6. Craggan

    Craggan Member

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    I think this would be a lot of fun and I would participate if they made something like this happen. Time to "run it up the flagpole and see" as the old saying goes. Maybe the Ark Devs will think it's something cool and different too.
  7. Jewels

    Jewels Member

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    I agree with that it needs a lot of new things to make it work. Though there are a lot of other ways it could be implemented to decrease the cost of development and still be fun.

    The reason why I didn't stick with the current rule set found in the box was for the hope that would consider expanding the available event types.
  8. Chuck Jarrdhead Wholrey

    Chuck Jarrdhead Wholrey Active Member

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  9. May

    May Active Member

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    Interesting, sounds like a fun idea. [​IMG]
    Melee (not just Powerfists!) and the Underground could both do with an extra impulse.

    Only objection I have is using the name "Mayhem" for an Arkadian event/weapon/mob/reward.
    No need to 'Calypsify' Ark. :wink:
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  10. Jewels

    Jewels Member

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    What do you suggest? I made changes to the entire thing.

    It was the first thing that came to mind and since I grew up on Eudoria before the Gold Age happened.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2015
  11. Lovefall

    Lovefall Deactivated User

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    The idea is not bad, but it would require too many different game mechanics so too much hassle...

    Unfortunately that's the case with many ideas - they are good, fun, but they require too much resources spent so they are just rejected...
  12. ElbryanWolf

    ElbryanWolf Member

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    Lovefall, not sure there's that much game mechanics to play with that are not already in place.

    With the Oratan Lancer wave in mind and the way they can change a specific area during the wave (doors to the base + added wall, I think A-Team could wing something like this for the site in Ark Undergroud.

    Adding a Ark PowerFist has been something in demand for quite a while, so I'm sure they can come up with something.

    Tokens instead of loot could also be done (Arkoins and Gold Rush coins drop during Instances and Gold Rush, it could be something doable).

    Rave Mob... they could add something new since the VU is coming up. Not power it up until the rest is ready AND TESTED ;)

    So all in all, I know A-Team Dev could do it. Just want to know if they WANT to do it ;)

  13. Jewels

    Jewels Member

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    The only new feature that would need to be added would be require a specific weapon. Because No Armor, No Ranged are already features. I'm pretty sure it would take them less than a couple hours to add the ability to restrict to a list of weapon. If this is a presented problem then an official could stand ready and kick people out of the event area that use the wrong weapon.

    As far as the full health that could just be a NPC that you talk to that heals you full health by the Revival Terminal if there is no other way for them to set it up. If that isn't an option then maybe an Official could stand there with their epic heals.

    I'm not sure how instances work but it might be an idea to have 3 or 4 event zones that would be hosting the events every hour. That way the restriction of 32 players an event won't be a problem.

    The Rave Event Shop would have 4 sections with tickets:
    Rave Zone 1, Rave Zone 2, Rave Zone 3, Rave Zone 4
    0100, 0200, 0300...1500,1600,1700...etc under each zone.​

    Players could purchase the tickets with Powerfist Rave Event I, II...XVII Ticket as each month passes. Players would be able to talk to a NPC by the Powerfist Rave Shop to get the mission that gives them the 12 ticket entries.

    So to give you an idea on how this would work.

    Player logs on and travels to the location where the Rave Event NPC is and gets the mission for the current month's rave event. You would retrieve 12 ticket entries to spend at the Rave Shop NPC. If it was your very first event you would also have the mission that would give a Arkadian Rave Powerfist. You could then look at the location and time slots that were available and purchase the registration tickets. (May want to talk to Society or Friends so you could be with them.) Before the event began you would be required to go to the event area and register the ticket with the appropriate event zone.

    Just like any event when the time approaches you will receive a notice and then ultimately teleport to the event area. After 60 seconds of the first contestant entering the first mob round will spawn. After their event expires top 3 participants will receive additional Rave Tokens for dealing the most damage. (This calculated by the events most loot system) The player then can watch other participants from outside of the dome.

    Once the event ends the player can go to the Rave Shop NPC and purchase gear exclusively available through the rave event.

    Some additional thoughts on this event.
    The purchasing of tickets could be linked to the private, lance corperal, etc ranking system. The higher ranked players would receive more tickets for registration.
    The Arkadian Rave Powerfist and some of the Rave Shop items would be non-trade items.
    Timeout on mobs in the dome would be 5 minutes. (players would be kicked out 5 minutes before the next event started which would cause the dome to reset the event.)
    Citizens/Passports get 1 entry, IFN Privates get 2, IFN Corporal get 3, etc?
  14. littleswampymonster

    littleswampymonster Active Member

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    I would be in, more events is great
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