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Positive withdrawal story!

Discussion in 'Deposits and Withdrawals' started by Ori'sWorld, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Ori'sWorld

    Ori'sWorld Well-Known Member

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    It would seem that the number of negative cash withdrawal stories far exceed the positive? so im going to try and correct that balance a little :) by saying my own cashout experience was nothing but easy! and i received my dollars in two weeks with no fuss! Now! this is just a theory what im about to propose next* though! i do believe a lot of the confusion and conspiracy around cashout is because many people do not fully understanding the logistical processes on the side of the planet partners? and your bank may have some part to play? as my bank did..........anyway! lots of ++++++++++ from me! cheers!
  2. RexDameon

    RexDameon Active Member Pro Users

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    It seems like most of the negative stuff comes from North American customers i think other countries maybe just work better. You are from Australia like your profile says i assume. That could be the reason too.
  3. Artrat

    Artrat Member

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    I had a problem with the first attempt being rejected, but that was due to my bank being retarded. MA was very helpul the whole time and I still got my money within the 40 days :)

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