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Pointmen: Arkadia's Scavenger Race

Discussion in 'Events' started by happy_hipster, Sep 13, 2021.

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  1. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Prepare for A NEW kind of Event
    Its a race to find items, a Scavenger Race
    Invented on Arkadia, For Arkadia, OPEN TO ALL

    We did a test in the hours before the start of Gold Rush
    It was like drunken monkeys playing football in a shopping mall


    Stage 1:Registration-OPEN
    Reply to this post with the word "Registered"
    Registration proves you are able to win.

    At 10 Pointmen Registration will be Changed from "Open" to "STARTED"
    Registration will close after 50 people register

    When Is This Event?
    The event will not be scheduled until there is enough interest and prizes.
    I have set the bar at ten Pointmen, ten CONFIRMED Points and 500p
    I will not start thinking about WHEN until we have those 3
    note: GoldRush ends Mid October

    All and any vehicles can be used, NO TP CHIPS. You don't HAVE to use a vehicle.
    Sometimes Vehicles will slow you down!
    All points will be on Planet Arkadia or in Arkadia Underground.

    looking for someone to maintain a DISCORD presence

    Free to Enter and Donate for Drawing

    The Scavenger Race is free for half the Prize
    Donations are for supporters to win the other half

    Lets see if I can top the wildly successful MARDI GRAS! in 2019
    and I was making user events before Ark HAD events! The Jori 1000

    The Pointman who wins the most rounds wins, and some points have BONUS ITEMS.
    How the Race is run:
    A waypoint and item link will be read in chat at the start of the round. As soon as the waypoint, or just "point" for short, is announced, it is on. The first one who finds that item at that point will post its TIR fingerprint in this forum and win the round if it is correct. We will keep finding items until we run out of them on the list, or an hour is up. One hour. The person who wins the most rounds wins half the prize. If the point is at a NAMED POINT, you win their BONUS PRIZE for that location. After the race, there will be a drawing to reward a supporter. Then our volunteers will get 10p if we use their point.

    This promotion is designed to bring people to Arkadia,
    and a way for us to locate and explore the best shops.

    If you own a shop or provide a service on Arkadia,
    this event is designed to promote YOU!
    Thank You for Supporting this Event
    It will be used to build The Arkadian Outlet Directory


    Credit Where Credit Is Due:
    Dllr asked me how to get support for his race at racetrack. This is what happened.
    dalia grantorino ahmed asked who is Livestreaming. Awesome suggestion!​
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  2. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Named Points and Supporters

    Named Points
    The MUST SEE locations on Arkadia
    These locations are targets for the pointlist

    1: /wp [Arkadia, 30054, 10253, 98, the .Point] (BONUS)
    2: /wp [Arkadia, 29979, 10154, 99, Space Cadet Armatrix]
    3: /wp [Arkadia, 14875, 32361, 145, Silvershell's Shop] (BONUS)
    4: /wp [Arkadia, 29909, 10124, 87, Aakas Keys 1-10]

    Shop Owners Cannot Win the Race, they can run it for fun and chaos. They will be entered as a supporter if they provide a bonus. The bonus may or may not be the target, but can be listed from the moment their NAMED POINT is filed.


    50p Wufei
    50p Silvershell
    50p Jack Hipster Kimble(Not in Drawing)
    50p Emmit
    100p Witheld

    I hope people will want to donate because it helps Arkadia by possibly bringing people here, keeping people here, and helping us grow. They will like the event because it gives shops more traffic, more exposure, and more customers. But they could also want to support the event because there is a chance for any of the supporters to earn 10 to 20 times their investment of 10 to 50p in the drawing.

    If you society is recruiting, fun and free events are a great way to reach out to new members. Supporting this event would show your interest in them, and lead them right to your Arkadian doorstep. Contact me in game Jack Hipster Kimble if you wish to add your society to this list.
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  3. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Contestants need to reply "Registered" to this post to participate.
    Once you register, your name will be added to the list.

    Your reply to this post will be used as proof that you are registered in this forum.
    Pointmen can only win if they can post in this forum during the game.


    The first thing you have to do is become a member of this forum and make sure you have posting rights. Your confirmation message may get sent to a spam folder or you may have to get help from a forum moderator(someone elaborate pls). This is between you and Arkadia forum. We had a problem with people not properly registering and having to operate in chat, which made things difficult. It would be impossible with ten or more Pointmen.

    If you do not register here you can run and race, but you CAN NOT WIN OR COLLECT PRIZES, BONUSES OR REWARDS.
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  4. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Prizes and Bonuses

    The Prize Pool
    300+p Arkoin and located here:
    /wp [Arkadia, 30052, 10247, 99, Donation Board]

    SILVERSHELL'S SHOP -Aakas keys 1-5
    The .Point - 10p Welding Wire

    Name your Location and if possible donate a bonus of at least 10p to the contest. The winner of your location will receive the bonus for that location. Any location owner who provides a bonus can chose to deliver the bonus personally, and will automatically be entered into the drawing for 50p

    Anyone can enter the drawing for up to half the Prize in the pool by donating 10, 25 or 50p to the event. The amount will be proportional to the donation, half for 50p, a quarter for 25p or 10% for 10p.

    A donation can be made publicly, or be anonymous. Unless otherwise directed, it will be considered public

    Entering the Drawing
    One can donate directly to JACK HIPSTER GIMBLE in game and I will place you on the list

    One can purchase Arkoin entry tokens at the DONATION BOARD
    I will be notified of your contribution and add you to the list
    10p, 25p and 50p are available and where they sit designates how much they cost.

    The goal, ultimately, is 2000p in the prize pool for each race but the overall prize can be no smaller than 500p prior to the start of the race.
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  5. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Warp Service Providers

    Details about Warp Service will be posted here.

    When the donations exceed 500p, funds will be available to hire a bus for a route,
    or a warp provider from each planet.

    Potential Providers
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  6. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Arkadian Outlet Directory

    Compilation of Active Booths, Shops, and Services on Arkadia

    contact Jack Hipster Kimble in game for any questions or alterations

    1: /wp [Arkadia, 30054, 10253, 98, the .Point] Items From Arkadia, Viceroy L Armors, Enhancers
    2: /wp [Arkadia, 29979, 10154, 99, Space Cadet Armatrix] Specializes in Armatrix Weapons
    3: /wp [Arkadia, 14875, 32361, 145, Silvershells Shop] Aakas Keys, Armatrix AND MORE
    4: /wp [Arkadia, 29909, 10124, 87, Aakas Keys 1-10] Aakas Keys and Weapons

    /wp [Arkadia, 31224, 9583, 123, WAYPOINT] [rotiv3tugaI]
    /wp [Arkadia, 29995, 10211, 99, WAYPOINT] [Granny Rowen Render]
    /wp [Arkadia, 31256, 9511, 123, WAYPOINT] [Yoshii Yoshii Lem]
    /wp [Arkadia, 20403, 29960, 89, WAYPOINT] [Legends]
    /wp [Arkadia Underground, 13475, 21784, 144, WAYPOINT] [John Wick]
    /wp [Arkadia, 17187, 23072, 542, Waypoint] [Just The Iceman JTI]
    /wp [Arkadia, 29843, 10000, 100, Waypoint] Hardviking
    /wp [Arkadia, 31258, 9547, 87, Waypoint] [George Geo Clone]

    Makron Emmit Shanaddar - Complete Viceroy Upgrade Materials
    Jack Hipster Kimble - Will Craft For FREE Resume

    Searching for an Outlet to BUY?
    I can add you here

    Selling an Outlet?
    I can add you here

    Will be MOVED to dedicated post once more complete
    Listing Limited to a single Line

    Alteration to this list will be made for a 5p fee for each edit or
    FREE perpetually for participants in the SCAVENGER RACE promotion
    Creation of Forum Post for Your Shop
    ADD Link in WAYPOINT for your Outlet's Forum Post

    Being compiled for CLICKABLE list in game

    Better Title?
    list generated through race created research
    Anyone can do this, but WILL they, and for HOW LONG?
    POINTMEN: Please submit any unnamed Locations NOT ON THIS LIST

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  7. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Point Submissions

    Seems complicated? It really isn't, and don't worry. I try to explain here so I don't have to keep repeating myself, but I do anyway. When the EVENT starts, we will do one practice run that DOES NOT COUNT. In the zero run, every participant will have to post the correct point in this forum to be sure they can do it for real. I will create a separate forum post for Discovering Points during the event.

    The format for a "point" will look like this:

    [Arkadia, 29908, 10124, 98, Waypoint][Wildman's Fury (L)] 73
    Location Target TIR Fingerprint
    Points are the waypoit and location of an item with a TIR fingerprint in any shop or booth. You cannot win a point that you filed, therefore filing a point reduces your opportunities to win by one round. Only one point can be filed per contestant. You are not required to file to win prizes or bonuses.

    Any duplicate points from the same location will be disqualified, only the first submission will be used. If multiples of the same item are present, the point is invalid. NAMED LOCATIONS can not be used for submissions. You will know your point qualified only if and when it is used.

    Register your point in a private message to
    JACK HIPSTER KIMBLE in game. It will be verified and added to a secret list to prevent leaks of points before the race. Once a valid point is filed it will be noted on the Pointmen list below by adding the word "point" and its list number.

    Pointmen will, as done in the first race, get a reward for the unique point they accurately file that is used in the race once all other prizes are paid out.

    Discovering a Point.
    Pointmen will be given the target and destination, but not necessarily in that order. After departure they will have to find the item at the location and look for the target's TIR fingerprint in the Detailed Information area of Item Information. See attached picture below if you do not know how to find and items TIR value.

    The first Pointman who posts the valid Location, Target and Fingerprint in that order and without typographical error to the race's post in this forum will win the round. The next round will not begin until the winner of the previous race has been recorded on the winners list. The one who wins the most rounds wins the race. If there are ties, the prize can be split or there can be a sudden death round.

    Those who file wins for named points will receive the bonus prize for that location after the winner is receives the prize.

    The race can occur any time, day or night, weekday or weekend with no more then 24 hour notice by message. If you cannot run the race, arrive before 50% completion, or stay to collect your reward or prizes, you will forfeit all prizes and they will go to the .Point shop for future use. There will be no more then 50 Pointmen, and there will be no more rounds after one hour. Any unused points or bonus prizes on undeclared targets will be saved for the next race or be returned to its donor, and the 10p reward for filing unused points will be reserved until they are used in another race.

    You know that you will have an awesome time, enjoy the race, and run amok through the streets of Arkadia! HAVE AT IT! Its like playing football in a shopping mall, but only one payer can win. EVERY POINTSMAN FOR HIMSELF!

    If you do not know how to find the TIR(Tier Increase Rate) it is the fourth entry
    near the top of the "Detailed Item Info" shown circled on the right side of the image.

    Find the TIR on the Item Named at the Waypoint given and POST IT TO THE FORUM​

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  8. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    ADs And Addresses

    Use THESE ADS to generate registrations and grow prize money.

    Arkadian Outlet Directory: Shops and Services https://tinyurl.com/k2wxzr7p

    /wp [Arkadia, 30051, 10246, 99, Donation Board] Support the Scavenger Race, win UP TO $1000 ped! Bring Customers to shops and help improve Arkadia

    Register for the Scavenger Race before it's too late! Limited Number of Contestants. Four Sponsors Now Listed! Info:https://tinyurl.com/s9fsxvy8

    Does anyone remember the 2019 Arkadian Mardi Gras? THIS WILL TOP IT http://arkadiaforum.com/threads/pointmen-arkadias-scavenger-race.15461/

    Nothing to lose? SOMETHING TO GAIN(FREE PED) Reply "Registered"@FORUM http://arkadiaforum.com/threads/pointmen-arkadias-scavenger-race.15461/
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  9. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Live Streamers

    Silvershell -- https://www.twitch.tv/silvershell

    This is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for an exciting stream.
    Content is important, and this would be as fun to watch as it is to participate in.
    If you would like to advertise your stream for this event, we appreciate any help we can get.

    Discord Promoters

    [Altruist] (Please?)

    this would be more fun and less grindy
    A race that is more bumper cars and less driving around in circles
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  10. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Scavenger Teaser Races
    Scavenger Race Practice TODAY (PRIZE) https://tinyurl.com/nnc7ddd8
    FREE giveaway for first to discover point

    Something small, like an arc-0 or 5p
    Don't need the Prize? DONT CLAIM IT, this is PRACTICE

    I will announce in #LOCAL
    Point will be in a NAMED LOCATION if you want to scout

    [LOCATION][Item Link]

    There will be no registration
    Discovery will be through #Local chat channel
    the first to post the proper point information in chat will win the prize

    [LOCATION][Item Link][TIR]

    The first teasers will be to introduce the concept and make it more familiar

    First 5p Teaser Winners at Huon Sweat Circle 9/25
    [Akbalox]: [Arkadia, 29908, 10124, 97, Aakas Keys 1-10][Wildman's Fury (L)] TIR 73/4000
    [Beajoys]: [Arkadia, 14883, 32362, 145, Silvershells Shop][ArMatrix BP-75 (L)]138
    [Zucko Arius Katara]: [Arkadia, 29993, 10161, 99, Space Cadet Armatrix][ArMatrix LP-10 (L)]177!
    [Vill][Arkadia, 30054, 10253, 99, the .Point][Dominax Original Garter (L)]

    Caught on really quick, started with 3, last race was six. using local had a problem with racers returning and not knowing if anyone won. In all, it was entertaining and fun.
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  11. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    This event has NOT been CANCELED, it has been bumped down the list because Im busy in RL after hurricane IDA and with the impending Mayhem, thank you for your patience!
  12. happy_hipster

    happy_hipster Active Member

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    Man thats a LOT of words. Sorry folks, I love writing. I bet you can tell. NEW PROMO, old theme. This promo will end once I receive the winning point in a private message and verify it personally.

    10P prize for THE FIRST to submit a "point" for any HIGH QUALITY (UL)item (TIR190+) or UBER(TIR3000+) (L)item in ANY shop on ARKADIA

    The .Point, my shop will not count in this promo. Free to participate and Win. Scavenger Race, like fruit walking, bigger prize.

    I already know where my shop is and what is in it. Trying to do something more selfless and improve the Outlet Directory. NO COST, just time.
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