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Suggestion Please RECONSIDER Aakas statues damage capability

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Lucky_A, Nov 13, 2012.

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    After the last VU update you've changed the damage capability (and type?) of Aakas statues (Defender, Paladin, Sentinel, Warden) to what I'd consider as abnormal values.

    While before I was going through a lvl 6 instance without healing, now I'm getting regular 40+ hits from what are listed as lvl 2/4 mobs (Defender/Paladin) :eek: while wearing Boar+5B or 6A

    Even in the absence of Arkoin brokers I was running lvl 4-6 instances just for fun. Now, having to heal after each statue fight and with same very low loot returns, the fun is gone :( ... if the intention was to increase decay think it backfired and lead to lower overall returns, as alongside the missing Arkoin brokers this is the main reason imho for the very few daily runs on Ark instances, especially on those lvl 5 and above :(

    Therefore I'd strongly suggest you reconsider the damage capability of Aaakas statues either to previous levels or to a more adequate level for solo play, at least in the 4-7 instance range...

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