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Please add more esits and entries around moon dome...

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by mastermesh, Jan 8, 2020.

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    I've been doing the daily hazmat suit missions the last couple of weeks. One request I'd like to make is that you put more openings in the fence around the dome base near the dome. Kind of annoying that the only exits in the fence is on opposite side from where the dome is. When doing the daily missions the waypoints to the south side of the dome are further apart from the other waypoints to the northeast and north west... makes running around the dome to climb the hills to get these wps a bit of a hassle unless you use a vehicle to fly over there because you sort of have to run around the dome and big fence near it to cut across from one side to the other... Would make more sense and cut a few minutes off of daily run around time if there was just more exits and entries in the fence near where the dome is... in below list the first 'exit' of fence is nearest #7 and I think there's one on the other side too, but what I'm talking about is making an exit/entry to the fence down near #8-10. Timed it today with speed buffs on from adjusted harrier and augmented ring... ran to the northern wps and then flew in quad down to the other wps and it took around 13-14 minutes total. If I just run and don't use the quad it takes a bit more time. For a silly daily to just pick up wps that's a good chunk of time... the lack of fence holes near the dome just makes it take longer for no real reason... which I suspect frustrates avatars that are doing this extended daily mission. It's a nice little mission if you have time, but in today's busy world setting aside 30 minutes just to run around in game and hit way points is kind of hard... 15 minutes is much more doable, etc.


    [​IMG] Originally Posted by SinKillerJ Tachikawa, post: 38366, member: 2098
    Moon daily extractor waypoints. These can be pasted into the chat, and then made into a in game sticky note to assist with tracking.
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10713, 10225, 112, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10027, 9971, 133, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 9916, 9672, 112, Waypoint]

    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10042, 9151, 129, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10313, 9107, 115, Waypoint]
    /wp [Arkadia Moon, 10392, 9280, 127, Waypoint]
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