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Planet Arkadia Update 2016.1 Release Notes (15th March 2016)

Discussion in 'Planet Arkadia Release Notes & Updates' started by Mathias | Arkadia, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Haruto Rat

    Haruto Rat Active Member

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    Minor issue:

    despite not being tradable, dropships can be ordered on auction. This could piss off someone who'd waste PED on an order.
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  2. Dan59

    Dan59 Active Member

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    Because of MA bugs and inconsistence - Items have different possibilities - at least that we have experienced in past.
    Item which was not tradable and auction able was easily droppable like burkin's blade. Some untradeable pils were lootable in PVP ect.
    Another discussion is who have balls to test dropship or dropship certificate just to be certain how it work between two VU's.
    Because every VU can contain silent undocumented surprise.
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