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Watch This Planet Arkadia Update 2012.5.1 Patch Release Notes (4th Sept 2012)

Discussion in 'Planet Arkadia Release Notes & Updates' started by Cyrus, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Hideo

    Hideo Active Member

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    please show your proof!!

    you have to provide said proof to ensure your accusations can be seen valuable. it´s one of peoples `methodes` to suspect foul play and see patterns without proof and it´s actually not that huge a thing cause we all sometimes do it.
    BUT i am very strongly against any kind of cheating and I think it´s a very big thing to say in an RCE, hence it could be seen as fraud.

    support your claimings with apparent proof and i think Team-A will look into it, but please don´t throw these words around.
    these words could have a big impact and may not be seen by all of us arkadians just as words.
  2. Ms princess

    Ms princess New Member

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    What would you like to see the Fishface globals almost 5 minutes apart x 20? It don't even matter if he cheated so will leave silently ...
  3. TimUnleashed

    TimUnleashed Forum Official Pro Users

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    Thank you to those forum members who remained polite when this thread went off topic.

    Ms princess,

    Neil has already politely referred you to the forum rules (thanks Neil).

    I refer you in particular to Rules 2b) and 2e), which are as follows:

    If you have proof of foul play as you claim, the appropriate action is to send this proof directly to Cyrus Chen, Community Manager and make your claim official.

    As you can hopefully see from the forum rules above, it is not appropriate to make personal attacks or accusations in public.

    If you wish to continue this conversation with another member, please do so in private. If you continue to breach the forum rules, you run the risk of a temporary ban.

    The same goes for everyone else.
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  4. Fallen

    Fallen Member

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    im sorry but i dont really think this works out well, it is also not normally how a basic economy works, if you first introduce something in quantity that has little or no use it means by the time the use arrives the resources starts with near 0 added value, the only negative to releasing everything at once is not instantly being able to do everything, but this is better than not being able to do something because the system is half complete?
    if everything is released at once there are temporary shortages which bring temporary high markup untill a natural equilibrium is reached where those paying markup are satisfied with the deal. because this is the "natural" way things work people understand this and know how to deal with the situation.

    the time you speak of is something people understand, and even enjoy, there is a certain pressure as people scramble to fulfil needs, this causes excitement instead of the frustration you now see, so im glad you are glad but i am pretty sure you are one of the only people glad with the way this problem we have arose and the waiting people are doing. im pretty sure the dev team wanted people to be happy and excited with treasure mining and instances, and didnt want the damage to their reputation this has caused. how many people do you think there are that tried treasure mining or the instances and voted with their feet and left arkadia? how many friends did they tell that didnt even bother to visit to try it out? i would suggest you are careful about what you are glad for :)

    as a human being i can sympathise with the dev team and the problems they have but as a customer its not as easy, i cant except the "its MA's fault and there is nothing we can do about it", MA chose to distance itself from the players and leave the support to the PP's, so as customers all complaints should be directed at the PP's? the PP's knew this before they went into business, they are the ones that have real world contracts, and i presume have a lot more clout than individual customers, if a supplier is letting you down continuously at some point the customer will ask what are you doing about this problem with this supplier if you want my patience and understanding? :)
    the problems you see are design problems/choices and problems in execution, not releasing content before it works would of fixed this and a better understanding of the in game economy and player expectations would of prevented the choice of robot loot in the instances. i call it a choice because even if for some reason it is MA's bad design that forced them to use robots in instances it is the arkadia dev team that chose to implement this regardless.
    I also have sympathy for the small team argument, but to be honest what they are doing is more like game moding than actual game development, and i think i would be more understanding if they delay implementation of a feature with the argument "we are a small team" than releasing something that does not work and using that argument.

    Maybe i see things wrong but i have to disagree here too, i dont see how planets are different from continents or from LA's, its just another part of the virtual map that fits together, and multiple planets have been around a while and im sure MA has been planning this for a lot longer, the beacons have only recently been reintroduced too so its not like its some ancient system, and again, nobody forced anyone to introduce anything before any recoding that was needed was done by MA? :)

    Of course anyone who has played and loved this game knows about the problems MA has, im sure the PP's did before they chose to partner with MA, the right question imho is, what are they doing about it? :)
    Arkadia dev team is not the first or only dev team to have the issues we see, if this really is a common problem they share then i dont understand is why they do not organise/meet, despite any differences or being in competition, and form a united front to force MA to address the issues they have :)

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