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Pictures of New Dauntless Firebase Trade Center

Discussion in 'About Planet Arkadia' started by Medeina, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Medeina

    Medeina Member

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    I'm rather impressed with the new trade center in Dauntless. Attached below are pictures of the interior. In a nutshell, there's:

    • A teleporter right in the middle of the building (although I ended up outside the building when I initially TPed in);
    • three floors and tons of space;
    • three seperate manufacturing terminals with TT and storage add-ons beside them (ala those found in Celeste Harbour);
    • a seperate auditorium-style auction room with 24 (yes, 24!) terminals;
    • couchs, seats and beds to lounge on (still can't lay down, though);
    • guards;
    • a control center;
    • a medical bay complete with revival terminal, beds, IV, and x-rays
    • a prison room/aquarium/zoo cell?

    The last room I mention, I think is intended to remain closed for the time being and is simply bugged. It's possible to walk through some walls from the outside. The fifth picture features Rumple, Unicornella and I dancing for freedom. One gets there from the outside of the building, in the back, up a red ramp, between two walls and up an escalator.
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  2. Snape

    Snape Master of the BanHammer Staff Member PAF Administrator

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    Wow, that really looks impressive.
  3. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    Yeah was online last night and toured it in depth. I was in a Skype chat with David as I was doing so and he was pointing things out that maybe people will over look in the real effort they have put into this.

    Terminal animation was a nice feature as well as the guards walking a post, all the way up to a com center and command center. Those things there brought the game to a whole new level as it seems more alive and interactive visually instead of an npc stand around rocking back and forth.

    I was very impressed with the whole feel of the game changing with those simple things as the guards and terminal animations.

    I'm thinking the A Team deserves a massive plate of milk n cookies for Christmas as they have out done themselves with this one. Keep it up guys the effort you show every VU just sets you that much further ahead of everyone else within the platform.
  4. Shadowfighter

    Shadowfighter New Member

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  5. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Active Member

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    Very nice work!! :dribble:
  6. Venture Bros

    Venture Bros Member

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    I so wish they would remove ALL the auction terminals and make people go to these auction areas like the good old days (which I didn't partake in lol)

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