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Picking Oil at the Rig - and yes its PvP

Discussion in 'PvP' started by Louise Ranavolana Brooks, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Medb Lefty Lucy

    Medb Lefty Lucy New Member

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    I'd rather block their damage types at 20+ hpp than fap at at most 18 hpp. That said, Musca can look an awful lot like an oratan ;)
  2. Louise Ranavolana Brooks

    Louise Ranavolana Brooks Active Member

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    It is funny, going back to posts one has written a while ago & looking at them with fresh eyes.
    Maybe finding that your outlook has changed a bit - maybe even thinking, whatever did I get my knickers in such a twist over :(

    Don't get me wrong, I dislike PvP when its a case of players deliberately targeting others well below them in skills/experience - not a fair combat, they do it to make themselves look good.
    Or using PvP to harass particular players who for whatever reasons, they have an issue with. Using top of the range armour & guns

    But PvP itself - I have no objection to because its not what is done but the reasons why that is important.

    I have been going to the Ark rig quite a lot - its to hunt Oratans for the Daily Mission + Killpoint challange. I am not interested in the oil primarily but will pick some up if I happen to come across it. I dont come there to kill oil pickers and I think I have cordial relations with them.

    Maybe I have been led astray a bit by the evil side of JJ when she is there - it can be fun killing each other AND I am assured that blood sacrifices help the Rig to produce plentiful oil.

    Was there yesterday and after I had killed my Oratans and saw those dread System posts - Hax killed xxx with a Barbarella, Hax killed etc

    Yes a dread PvPer had arrived & was slaughtering everybody :( Thinking how to help those unfortunate Riggers, I immediately collected a posse of Oratans & we went back to sort the PvPer & maybe save the day (I was assured all the Oratans only kill bad people and leave the rig immediately their work is done - like all the other times I have done that. JJ assures me that is the case :) )

    I found out that the evil Hax was not fazed by the Oratans even though he only had Harrier armour (must have been cheating with plates :( )
    So I went back & got another posse so we all attacked the PvPer AND I actually killed him :)
    I would have liked to think it was my skills mainly that triumphed - but in truth he was just laughing to hard :)

    Hax was actually PostHistory Hax - having fun and between him & my Oratans we ensured the Ark Rig had plenty of blood 2 turn 2 Oil.

    PostHistory - it was a lot of fun :)

    And Posthistory has a twitch stream - laughed heaps just watching it. Its worth watching twitch.tv/posthistory