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PFEU Free Team Hunt

Discussion in 'Community Events' started by Wauspaus, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. Clausius

    Clausius New Member

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    A new PFEU hunt (#171) is scheduled for today and Hadraadas are the target. Our team is the following :

    1. Ruslan Rtiru Orekhov
    2. The Mathace Adventure
    3. sandocane fourfingers sensei
    4. Delicious Ajvar Sauce
    5. Ha Llu Cination
    6. Black Gifford Knight
    7. Garry Shorty Midgetson
    8. Antrace letale very
    Congrats to the winners. Have a good hunt, all the best :)
  2. Wauspaus

    Wauspaus Active Member

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    Today we are heading out with hunt number 172 already! Today I got some extra thing going on the Live Stream as well combined with the usual banter, music and odd doglike behavior. In anycase, todays winners are:
    1. Marcelo chelo8888 Guillen
    2. Tucan Mistico Tinieblas
    3. The Mathace Adventure
    4. Ha Llu Cination
    5. Making misnow snow
    6. Xatul Xacres Cravian
    7. Ruslan Rtiru Orekhov
    8. Garry Shorty Midgetson
    Good hunting and good luck!

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