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Patch is coming

Discussion in 'Wishlist' started by Murkalael, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Again we will receive a new patch, of course all that will be done is ready just waiting for the schedule but, no harm to dream that someone up there (or may be down there), hear our cries and make something happen. So I gathered all the junky stuff i posted on past few months and came up with this list:

    1-Top most priority, a smaller or shrinkable progress window, come on if I was not a pet hater i would not have visible screen to see the world. When MA will realize not everyone have huge screens with 8K resolution and some even play on old laptops?

    2-Concentrated single oratan prospector maturities without ANY mix of each type, with clean spawns on each base.

    3-A checkbox to enable/disable land areas notifications. Seriously walking in 8Coins area or left side of calypso map is the second biggest annoyance on this game.

    4-Missions wiht some reward for the tameable mobs so I can shoot those useless creatures without regret of wasting ammo;

    5-Daily crafting missions. Is about time Arkadia have some.

    6-A different type/color/size or watever window for trade and MS summoning. I once was summoned to kronan because I was about to made a trade with someone and promptly clicked accept button and two windows pouped up at the same time. So I end up loosing 2ped for nothing due some blind designer that wants to see all in huge sizes.

    7-Arkadian powerfist bps, I don't care if they're L or not. Arkadian 100% crafted spaceships (I would even love if they were warp capable)

    8-A reduction on shrapnel drop, by reduction I mean when anyone glob shrapnel should not exceed 0.5% of total loot, either that or get rid of shrapnel and put universal ammo on TT

    9-Dropable nanocubes and get rid of it on TT

    10-Last but not lost slums :D
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