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Discussion in 'Creatures' started by May, Jan 17, 2015.

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    The Oratan are believed to be the race warned of in The Signal, intercepted by the Celeste Space Probe, which would mean this species inflicted genocide on the Ancient Arkadian People.

    As such, the Oratan should not be underestimated under any circumstances, either individually or collectively.

    As a species, they appear to revel in battle and killing, specifically targeting human colonists on Arkadia.

    They have also shown a tendency to loot and steal, appearing to crave technology in particular. Advanced weapons appear to be within their ability to use, but beyond their capability to develop for themselves.

    The Imperial Federal Navy knows very little of the origins of the Oratan. However, the destruction of the Ancient Arkadians at their hands seems certain, and the threat they pose to humanity is very real and immediate.

    Be well-equipped and show no mercy.

    Creature Type:

    Damage Type:
    Penetration37 %
    Burn63 %
    Statistical data:
    Health Level-
    Damage Potential-
    IFN Killpoint Challenge:
    Stage 15000 killpoints0.50 ped Dodge
    Stage 210.000 killpoints3.13 ped Dexterity
    Stage 320.000 killpoints6.25 ped Weapons Handling
    Stage 440.000 killpointsOratan Trophy + 8.10 ped Courage
    Stage 580.000 killpoints8.21 ped Dodgeor 50 Agility tokens + 3.65 ped Dodge
    Stage 660.000 killpointsOratan Figurine + 6.41 ped DodgeRepeatable
    Oratan Prospectors do NOT count towards this IFN Killpoint Challenge: they have their own separate IFN Daily Challenge: Oratan Payback Mission.

    Thug lvl 290 hp
    Bandit lvl 440 hp
    Thief lvl 640 hp
    Vandal lvl 900 hp
    Looter lvl 1200 hp
    Menace lvl 1560 hp
    Rogue lvl 1960 hp
    Villain lvl 2400 hp
    Fiend lvl 2880 hp
    Enforcer lvl 3400 hp

    Minimum Global level: 10 ped

    - Ardora Ballista MK7 (L)

    - Animal Eye Oil
    - Animal Hide
    - Animal Muscle Oil
    - Animal Oil Residue
    - Animal Thyroid Oil
    - BLP Pack
    - Electronic Stabilizing Component
    - Fine Wool
    - Focus Lense Component
    - High Definition GUI Component
    - Inferior Cloth Extractor
    - Make Up Remover Rough
    - Miluca Timber
    - Nova Fragment
    - Paint Can (Light Green)
    - Rationalizer Component
    - Socket I Component
    - Socket II Component
    - Socket III Component
    - Surface Hardener Component
    - Tier I Component
    - Tier II Component
    - Weapon Cells
    - Wool

    (Only Loot listed that has dropped from VU 15.0 on.)

    Entropedia.info link.
    EP Wiki link.
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    Additional tips & info on Oratan.

    - Link to the original Oratan thread.

    - Max damage on avatar without armor (excl. crits): Thug 16 hp to Enforcer 186 hp.

    Combat: Firearms (so Dodge instead of Evade)
    Attacks: 20/min
    Range: 50 m
    Aggression: Very High
    Not sweatable

    Video from EntropiaPlanets.

    For all the data: if there is something that should/could be changed, or added, please post or PM. [​IMG]
    (Info send through PMs will be added anonymously by default, unless the sender mentions otherwise.)
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