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OMG the funniest space joke ever

Discussion in 'Space' started by anthonymorris, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. anthonymorris

    anthonymorris Platinum Member Platinum Member Arkadia Adviser

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    A Pirate goes into a space bar and says, ”Hey I’m going to offer a space travel service for free because all the other MS owners are robbing their customers by charging them.” [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] FUNNY HUH!!!!

    No but seriously I was in space the other day traveling and I seen in the space channel chat that the Dreadnought will be offering free scheduled warp flights and only 15 ped vip flights. Who you might ask was taking about this [​IMG]? Well….. {DELETED}, {DELETED}, and {DELETED}, they were complaining that MS owners were cheating the players by charging them 30 ped a vip and charging them for a daily warp service.

    This is not a joke they were supposed to start this past Monday 6-2-2014 but they postponed it until 6-8-2014 that’s next Monday [​IMG]. And for those of you who might be new I would like to inform you of this; the Dreadnought is the pirate ship that was summoning players and taking them into pvp and looting them before they could log off. The Dreadnought is also the same ship that has been known to attack other transport ships and try to loot their passengers.

    Piracy sucks no matter how you slice it but there are safe ways to travel and that is by using a MS transportation service. But if you choose to use a known ship like the Dreadnought I would not bring stackables at all as they could lie like they did before and not be in a safe zone and their buddies shoot and loot you. Oh oh oh oh and they said that they recommend logging off while they do their warp????[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Because other ships might shoot them down lol, I'm confused aren't they the ones that have lobbied/rallied against logging off during warps?[​IMG] And yet they are suggesting you do it during their flights now that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. complain about log off then offer the exact same thing It seems they are going to try to lure people into a false sense of security and then loot them (again). Can you really trust them? NO.

    Most will say well how do I know if they are lying to me? Simple-“they are talking/chatting”, they all have been known to shoot and loot players and have boasted about it on the forums. Search it and you will see for yourself how you can trust them to provide a viable service when they themselves are the ones doing the looting of other players. Could you or should you trust them with loot? NO. But hey they are offering FREE daily warps starting 6-8-2014 so take them without loot and use the service; vip’s for 15ped take them and leave your loot at home. I would say use them like they have used us as their personal ped card for years.

    It seems they are upset that they have been losing ped shooting people down and not getting any loot. See not very many suckers still travel through space in a quad or sleipnir with loot they use a MS transport service to transport their loot safely. So now they want to try to trick players (again)by offering a FREE schedule warp they are also claiming you will be safe for the first week my question is what happens after the first week? You know the answer to that you're fair game to be looted on a pirate ship.

    See {DELETED} has tried several times to sell their ship the Dreadnought and has failed every time. Not because it is on someone’s KOS or its notoriety as a pirate ship, but because they were asking a stupid price for it at the time. They even advertised they were listing with no start bid and when they listed it they put a start bid of 100K ped. They have a history of telling one lie after another so a **WARNING** if you use their service I would not take any loot not even a piece of dung.

    I thought I would post this on the forums to just warn the new players of the Dreadnought and the history/reputation that they have. Don't be fooled by their lies to provide you safe/reliable transportation there are several services out there that provide a legitimate service like that.
  2. Snape

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    I know what you are trying to achieve here and I commend you on your efforts. I am not unsympathetic to the situation either as I have been nailed by these individuals more than once myself. However, regardless of my personal opinion on Pirates and the system that allows them to operate, this thread STILL clearly violates Rule 2f) of our Forum Rules.

    As such, I have removed the player names from your post above. However, along the lines I have previously established with allowing the naming of a Society to remain, I have left the name of the ship intact. That way, the onus for additional information is on the interested party to investigate, as the owner of a ship is easily ascertainable by anyone if they wish to make the effort.

    If you still wish to disseminate information pertaining to the virtual identities of people, I encourage you to do so via PM with any and all interested parties.
  3. Dibbler

    Dibbler Member

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    Some will get fooled, get used to free warps until... one day.

    There will be a period of hot threads and intense debate.

    Some new super cunning plot will hatch.

    ad infinitum.


    Always ask yourself - how much do i trust the pilot operator. :)
  4. Neil

    Neil Adviser Pro Users Arkadia Adviser

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    Warp drive decay isn't really that high, only about 9 ped per use last time I checked, so at 15 ped the operator still makes a profit, as long as they don't have to shoot at anyone. The higher price that most legitimate MS owners charge is for their time and of course to try and get back some of their overinflated ship investment or fund SI upgrades.

    It would be nice if the pirates left the dark side and became legitimate but until there's some proof of that, it's probably just a temporary ploy to get mindark to tip the balance more in favor of piracy again, and of course they're also probably looking out for a passenger carrying a lot of stackables so they can loot them.

    In space, trust is everything.
  5. Cyborg Bill

    Cyborg Bill Well-Known Member Pro Users

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    PVP Space in EU according to MA follows the startrek opening statement....

    Space... the final frontier.. Go their in the EU and you to can bend over spread your checks and produce your own black hole. Even if you use trusted MS to warp you are crazy if you don't log out for the 12-15 mins to board , load, and travel. Mindark servers are like playing slots made by Matel. When the wheels stop spinning you have no idea where your ava will be... safe on ship.. dead in space because servers lagged and you fell out, or better yet left floating out there for days on end unable to revive anywhere until support decides to send you to caly to start your travels all over again.

    Bottom line.. space has shitbags out there and you roll the dice passing thru it no matter what mode you use.