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Normandie Radio, Please read about our broken agreement regarding your website.

Discussion in 'Normandie Radio' started by Venture Bros, Sep 10, 2013.

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  1. Venture Bros

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    I, Thaddeus Rusty Venture, designed normadieradio.co.uk for very cheap due to a certain agreement.

    Part of the agreement was that I would get my avatar name displayed at the bottom of the page, as well as a permanent banner ad displayed.

    They removed both of them many months ago. They have not had the website redesigned, but rather inverted several of the images I made for them, but they are still the images I made for them, and the site I made for them, regardless of these 'minor tweaks' which included removing my name and banner, which was not part of the agreement.

    I have sent in countless emails, messaged EVERYONE on Skype, but I am being ignored. They have scammed me and I want my banner advertisement, as well as my name displayed on the page once more.

    Proof I designed it:

    Don't get me wrong, I like these guys, but this is just WRONG on so many levels. They are breaking our agreement and thus scamming me. But I hope this is just a mistake, and they can put my name back, as well as put my banner back up, otherwise they are scammers when it comes to agreements they must keep, which I do not believe them to be.

    I hope this will finally get their attention...
  2. Mel_bosshart

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    Hi Rusty

    I will answer your post as i always do these sort of posts .. as i find it most interesting how people post to what they see as the truth and not actual facts ...

    I contacted you on 30/9/2012 about re-designing our web site and told you what we were looking for ....and asked a price ..
    this was your response :-

    I would be definitley willing to work on that. Would you say 300 ped is fair for a redesign with a better music player, a chat box, better layout and look, and of a banner advertisement system as requested. I would ask for 400 ped if you request me make custom images related to Entropia to display to make the site more unique.

    At no point was it agreed that you would have your name on every page of the web site and in another post you asked if i would just let people know who did it !!!! at that point i said you could put on the front page web site designed by rusty. which you did .after a short while of using the site as you designed it we asked a friend from another soc if he would look after the site for us and make changes to the site as we see fit.

    This he did and did a lot of work on the web site, adding new stuff like forum,new user friendly player, dj's playing utility, besides a lot more stuff.. at this point i told him to remove your name from the web site as it was not fair allowing you to take credit for his work...or is this something you would like ??? to pass off someone else's work as your own ???

    your banner was removed two days after the web site went live because you were advertising a get ped's for filling in surveys site on your banner ..and was not a site endorsed by mindark and did not want any players getting banned or locked out of game because they had followed a link what you had put on our site.

    also please can you give me the site address where you have been sending all these e-mails please because any e-mail that goes to studio@normandieradio.co.uk goes out to all of the dj's as im sure they will tell you if you ask them ..also can you please tell me who you have contacted regarding this matter as i would like to know who EVERYONE is .. and in what form you did this ??? in game, skype facebook the radio request line, your dreams..?? as any posts that come through get talked about .. the last corespondance we had from you was in january of this year ..we are now in september..if this had been so much of a issue im sure it wouldnt take 9 months to get hold of one of the radio crew .. as no one else has any problem

    at no point was it agreed that your name or banner would stop on there for ever..

    when you had finished the original site and we had it uploaded to our server we payed you not 300 peds or 400 peds what you had asked, for but we gave you 500 ped

    we have gone over our chat logs this afternoon and can tell you there was no agreement that you would have a banner or your name on the web site as part of the deal. only the peds you asked for . and if you would like to take a look at the site you will see copy right info on there where you are mentioned for what you did on the site nothing more nothing less.

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