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NI nasty bug

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe' started by Erastothenes, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Erastothenes

    Erastothenes Member

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    Now that a some people are spending time on NI, at least for a bit, beware of the "Bruce" mission. It is advertised at Crystal, and the details at another sign at the spot. These has been recently updated, however without telling that the mission is on hold.

    Bruce is a monkey that spawns in one single location, repeatedly, and the mission is to kill 5K. This was done by a player last week, and when no reward was forthcoming he asked about it. Got told sorry, no go.

    The cost of doing it was quite a few PED, hence this warning - if you should happen upon the mission, contact support to make sure it is "live" before spending thousands of PED.

    There are more details on the planetcal forum, not sure if I'm supposed to link from here, but the thread is easily found.
  2. Lizzy

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    I think you can link it if you like, I feel for Wildman tho. Must've been one hell of a grind without the reward he was hoping to get.

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