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Newbie healer looking for work

Discussion in 'Services' started by DaughterOfAnarchy, Dec 27, 2015.

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    After quite a lot of thinking I decided that (one of) the main professions I'll aim to skill up in the game is the medic one, so here I am, trying to get a start in this new career.

    I have to admit that I'm definitely not the best healer on planet and you could find tons of better skilled, better geared, more dedicated or more social players, and to be honest there is really nothing I can (or want) to say to convince you that I'm better than them.

    But I really think there's place for everyone under the sun and, in my previous life, I explained in this article exactly which are the benefits of hiring a newbie healer, and how you can actually save both time and money by doing so (don't trust me, read it and decide for yourself if I'm right or not).

    What I can say though is that, being an almost free player (very, very, very small depositor) any contract I'll get will be one I'll greatly appreciate; so if you'll hire me you'll also do your good deed for the day and you'll know you made some other player's day.

    But enough with the chit-chat, let's get to the cold numbers (which don't really work in my favor, but well... everyone has to start from somewhere).

    Relevant skills (last updated December 2015):
    - Paramedic - 2.89
    - Biotropic - 1.04

    Gear (last updated December 2015):
    - [I0-Pulse Unit] - maxed out; econess: 10.59 HPP (heal per pec); power: 6.30 HPS (heal per second)
    - [Herb Box] - maxed out; econess: 10.06 HPP (heal per pec); power: 6.56 HPS (heal per second)
    - [S.I. H.E.A.R.T.] - not maxed out; econess: 15.59 HPP (heal per pec); power: 4.43 HPS (heal per second)

    Can also heal with [Fanoos Medical V1 (L)] at a cost of 50 pec / one (2 PED for two fanoos).

    Payment is FAP decay plus 1 PED / hour; tips are not only not required, but not even accepted, since I'm happy with this payment contract and I get free skills during the process anyway.

    A few final considerations:
    - IGN is Daughter of Anarchy (feel free to PM or add me there at any time when I'm online);
    - On week days, I'm basically available at any time (but obviously not all this time) between like 10:00 game time 'till 24:00 game time; on weekends, I'm typically not available, since these are my no-computer days;
    - I pretty much prefere to have any healing session scheduled in advance (like here on forum), so I can plan my RL activities accordingly (because my RL program is quite chaotic normally and I want to make sure I don't have to leave mid-job), but even if not I will try to adapt;
    - I found to be most comfortable with around one hour gaming sessions, so would love if it would be possible to have healing sessions around this length (but really anything between 30 and 90 minutes would work just fine).

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